Wednesday, June 24, 2009

17 weeks pregnant, and finally a noticeable bump?!

BUMP! I think. 134 pounds this morning. Also I do have a belly-belly from dinner where I gorged on a huge cheese steak hoagie and finished half of Cody's, as well as a large order of cheese fries, a large order or regular fries, an order of mozzarella cheese sticks, and then two bowls of cereal when we got home. But that, I hope, isn't what accounts for my lower belly.

For having spent a year and a half literally starving myself almost to death and then feeling anxiety over having to gain weight from my low of 115, who'd have thought I'd be relieved to see a part of my getting bigger?! But I am. It's like proof that there's a baby in there. Ultrasound pictures are just pictures. This, somehow, feels like tangible proof.


  1. That's not a baby bump, you idiot, that's bloat from eating like a heifer. For constantly bringing up how fat you were at one point in your life, it seems you aren't bent on learning any healthy eating habits for yourself or for the (supposed) baby you are carrying. Way to start them off on a healthy living track there, Aria. Or did some internet quack tell you it's ok to eat like that while pregnant?

  2. Get a life, seriously. If I'm feeling very hungry right now, I'm going to eat, even if it's cheesesteak (though I usually prefer lots of salad, yum). You think I've got fat to spare?

    Actually, you need therapy in addition to a life.


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