Thursday, July 16, 2009

20 weeks pregnant - halfway there!!

Well, for some reason the site page with the baby sizes by fruit isn't coming up. If you click this link and then the one on the left that says How Big is Baby?, it comes up with a "page not found" error.

I didn't get a pregnancy picture last week, but this one is from this past Wednesday, at the 20-week mark:

I was 138.2, which is 23.2 pounds than I was last summer. Yikes!

In three weeks, at this moment, we will be in our new apartment. I can't wait, but am not looking forward to the packing. Ugh!

All my time lately has been spent either sick or at the theater. One more week until opening night!

Also I am supremely annoyed that I can't access any of my e-mail accounts but one. My main accounts won't let me in. When I try to reset the passwords, they say my info isn't correct. This doesn't make me happy. The e-mail address my personal friends have is the one that isn't public anywhere and is the one that works, so I get the feeling whoever is in my publicly-posted e-mail accounts is from one specific group of people.

And if a comment posted to this blog is nice and sane, it'll be posted. If it's a stupid comment and you're being a idiot (you know who you people are), then it probably won't be unless it's to laugh at you. Seriously, if you're spending time coming to my blog to snark me, you need a life and possibly therapy. Not to mention it's pretty wussy and cowardly to not even own up to your words and identify yourselves.

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