Monday, July 13, 2009

Car seats

Communities I'm in have had a lot of talk about car seats lately, and it's concerning to me that so many people think that a convertible car seat meant to safely hold a 50-pound child will safely hold a 6-pound newborn as long as the baby looks secure, making an infant-specific seat a waste of money. LOOKING secure and BEING secure are two very different things.

Right now carseats in the US must only pass a straight (head-on) bench-seat test going 30MPH, and when the NHTSA did additional testing that doesn't count toward the pass/fail rating (side impacts), many more sears failed. But as side impact has no bearing on whether or not a seat passes, many seats pass that really shouldn't. Most crashes in this country are side impacts.

The U.S.'s safety requirement for car seats is one of the lowest in the world and simply received a pass/fail rating. That's all. There is a more stringent rating system in place for ease of use for car seats than there is for how likely a seat is to save a life in a crash. When the NHTSA did that additional testing, the government defined those failed tests as "research", which is why the 31 seats out of 66 used in that test that failed still have a pass rating.

A front-end crash will result in most seats protecting an infant's head, though the sled benches used can't take into account what happens when a baby seat hits the front seat because there IS no front seat. But a side impact is a drastically different type of accident. There is far more room in that convertible seat for an infant's head to snap sideways, and toweling and whatnot that a lot of parents thing looks more comfortable and is secure enough because it looks secure isn't going to absorb the impact.

It just makes no sense why, when so much can already go wrong in a crash, so many parents still insist on buying a seat that is too big and "making" it work with pads and towels. No one's going to buy a 2-year-old toddler shoes meant to be still be worn when he's 4 because that much extra room will make him likely to fall and hurt himself, yet so many parents don't think twice about buying a newborn a car seat meant to be used at 4 years old when life and death is involved.

With life and death matters, when only a pass or fail is given, when the testing methods used don't simulate a real life accident, why take a chance? "All seats have to pass a test" really means jack shit when the test is so lax and doesn't simulate real life.

Well, someone else's baby can be the one with the higher chance at death. Saving a couple hundred bucks isn't worth the increased chance of our own baby dying in an accident. We value our baby's life a good deal more than a couple hundred dollars.


  1. Aria, do you even know what you are talking about half the time? Parents using towels to cushion their newborn? Where are you getting this info?

  2. A couple forums I'm on, several parents have talked about preferring to used rolled-up towels instead of pads because they could put towels where they couldn't put pre-formed pads and make it in a shape they thing makes their babies more comfortable. I got in trouble for saying that doing that is STUPID. So some parents do this. Ideal world you live in if you think all parents use proper equipment all the time and always use it in the correct ways. There are still parents who don't use seat belts at all on kids. :(

  3. What kind of jackass comes on to YOUR blog and makes shitty comments, if you have a problem with the blog owners info keep your fucking mouth shut and get out of her blog.

  4. A lot of jackasses. These days I reject more comments than I allow through because they're nothing more than attempts at stirring up drama. I start this new blog and post about it within the last 24 hours and already stupid comments are being left. Told you these people have no lives when they're going out of their way to follow me around. I pity them that my life is more interesting to them than their own.

    That "Me" person's follow-up comment proved she didn't read my whole post, talking about how she herself used towels (while asking where the hell I got the info that parents do this - thanks, "Me", for proving me right!) in her infant seat with the proper padding to keep her baby's head a little more still, when I talked about people using towels in convertible car seats in place of any padding because towels "look more comfortable".

  5. Shows what an ass she is by not even using here real name. You don't have to even go to forums to find out people do that all the time, I don't know how many people I see driving around like that. You have to remember that the towels are not even safe they can fall out of the seat and what good is that doing? The padding is held in place in the seat by attachments such as buttons or velcro, much safer!

  6. You're absolutely right. And in a rearward-facing seat, how long before someone realizes that Baby isn't sleeping, but rather has a towel covering her face so she can't breathe? Additional inserts are made for snugger fits.

  7. No, Aria. I did read your post all the way through. The fact that you assume I didn't goes to show you just how high up there on your horse you are about being a fit parent, when you aren't even one yet. You blathered on about how "unsafe" that was, and went on to show your "knowledge" of crash studies when no one was saying anything about modifying the seat to make it more safe. We aren't taking our kids and strapping them in with duct tape, the towel is what it is. Extra padding to keep their head propped up when sleeping. You even said that is what was posted yourself, contradicting your whole post and making yourself look like a bigger jackass then you already are.

  8. I said parents USE it as extra adding, but as Shannon pointed out, there's nothing keeping it in place. How do you know it hasn't unrolled and isn't suffocating a baby? At no point have I advocated using towels as padding. I've been against it.

    Ah, so because I haven't given birth, I can't recognize dangers or abuse when I see it. Gotcha.

    Now why don't you run along and get a life of your very own?

  9. Uhm.....hey dumb dumb "ME"....go mind you own fucking business unless you have something nice to say. Your point came across nice and clear, nobody here gives 2 shits about your opinions, it just frustrates us all.

  10. Wow, Aria (and your idiot friend, Shannon), the fact that all you have to back up your argument now is "bawww, what if the towel slips over the baby's face and suffocates it?" just goes to show everyone how naive you really are. You must really think that everyone besides you are stupid parents, don't you? If in fact, your pregnancy isn't fake (and I hope it is), I hope you get the wake up call you are so desperately needing so that you finally realize that parents do what they have to do and that we parent based on instinct instead of relying on some internet quacks to do it for us.

  11. Too bad some people have the "instinct" to kill their kids altogether. Just because something seems like a good idea doesn't mean it is.

    You know as well as I do that this pregnancy is real. The wake-up call I needed was that parents don't know it all and that sometimes the experts do know better. You need the same call. Towels should be used at the base of the carseat to help it recline so a baby's head doesn't flop. You don't put an infant in a crib with blankets, right? Because they could suffocate? Yet you think it's okay to put a baby in a seat with towels that could easily come loose in the stop and go traffic.

    Well, if someone's child dies in an accident, better yours than mine.

    You annoyed me at first, but the fact that you keep coming to my blog, ans then refusing to identify yourself, is amusing now. Don't you have a kid, or so you claim? You know, that needs your attention and to be taught how not to be a bitch?

  12. LOL I bet"ME" is training her child to be a little bitch like her......can't you tell where you are not wanted. Go back to hell where you came from or go back to your own blog and talk shit about people like Aria who you don't even know, please let us know the site where you blog so we can come there and leave you messages about your opinions!

  13. You know, if you read certain forums and communities, it's really quite sad to read how many parents are proud of their kids being little bullies. Bully parents raise bully brats. Freaks, all of them. Incredible how some people INTENTIONALLY and PROUDLY contribute to the decline of society instead of trying to raise kind, caring humans.

    That "Me" person won't grow up. If he/she had any adult courage, there'd be none of this anonymous posting.


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