Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Incredible stress

Well, we went from thinking we had plans all laid out to finding out Apple's management are a bunch of heartless fucking assholes who have been lying for a long time. All this time they were supposedly working on Cody's transfer, they have done...nothing. Because he has to apply via an internal system to other locations. Only...they didn't tell him this until yesterday Every day he's been asking what's happening with the transfer, what's happening, and every day he's been told they're woking on it and will let him know when they know something, they'll let him know.... Yeah. Thing is, they knew about having to apply at other locations and withheld this information from him. So now, with two weeks left to go to the move, he doesn't actually have a job. No job means no benefits (e.g. insurance). No insurance means no more doctors for me and a very dangerous delivery either at home or with strangers I've never met.

Staying here isn't a option. Our apartment has been re-rented for a week after we're supposed to vacate. So someone else is already moving in soon after we leave. We'd have no where to live here. Rent has skyrcketed in this area since we moved here in November, so we couldn't afford anywhere with a lease signed in summer.

But if we move, then we're probably not going to have insurance. The locations his mangers were supposed to be working no transerring him have no openings on two week's notice. He can get a job with his former employer, but...you know, there's a wait for insurance. I'm expected to deliver right around the date that wait period is over (which is sooner than my due date), which does nothing for being able to see a doctor in the meantime.

And let's add salt to this - IF he can find a store with an opening, which he did 60 miles away, he has to apply and then have the same managers who've fucked us over fill out some paperwork. We can't exactly trust them to do that. We suspect the reason they've been lying to him is they already have three Genius positions to fill, what with another Genius having given her outright resignation. Since they KNOW I'm such high risk, they have all the leverage right now and know if we leave and he has to leave Apple that it means no insurance. And to think, Apple's supposed to be a family-oriented company. What-the-fuck-ever.

So do we stay in this area and have insurance but no place to live, or move and have no insurance but have a place to live? If we have no place to live, the hospital can't release the baby, but at least the delivery will be safer. Too bad we won't get to have our own child, but rather she'd go ino foster care. Or if we move and have no insurance, then either I wait until ntural labor and go to the ER and hope a doctor whose never met me will trust my extensive medical history and not make me labor on my back, or attempt an unassisted home birth. None of these options are good options.

Medi-Cal (this state's Medicaid) says that because the father is known, his income will be taken into account. Since his income is more than $2,282 per month, I don't qualify. This guideline has a major flaw. It's at the federal level, and in come areas of this country, you can live royally on that much money. In many areas of California, including where we live and where we'd been planning to move, the cost of rent isn't much less than this. To pay the rent on our current 1br unit, this much has to be made pre-tax to cover the rent. This amount of money is actually twice the national povertly limit, which is what California allows a pregnant woman's household income to be. And it would be fraud to deny knowing who the father is or that we live together.

Since I have pre-existing medical, the one private plan we found that would cover me and has maternity coverage is about $1,500 per month. This is FAR more than we can afford. So private coverage is out.

Private coverage is out, and I don't qualify for Medi-Cal. Since Apple's lied to him for several weeks, he has no job with them lined up, so no insurance through them after the 4th.

I think we're still going to move. We have to have a roof over our heads. No roof means Charlotte will go to foster care, and I would probably go to jail for killing whoever tried pulling her away to give to someone else. I know the risks are higher by trying a home birth, but I can't chance a hospital making me labor on my back before a stranger cuts into my and has to separate my intestine when it and all the scar tissue look the same. Separation is the major risk in a c-section for me. There's a good chance that my intestine will be cut apart instead. If I labor upright versus on my back, then some of the pressure is alleviated from my j-pouch whereas a back-labor, the standard type, would have all the pressure directly down on my j-pouch.

And let's add to this some more, shall we? The stress has caused my seizures to come back. The medication I used to take, Tegretol (generic name carbamazepine) is a caterogy D drug for pregnancy, the second-worst. What this means is that it's shown to cause birth defects, but the benefits to the mother's life may outweigh the risks. Only the ominous category X be worse. My seizures are NOT life-threatening (except for the one time I did stop breathing). Thankfully they're not grand mals. But no medication for me. It's hard enough getting me to take Tylenol even not pregnant. So there's no way I'm going to take medication for something that, in the scheme of things, is "just" an inconvenience at the rik of our baby.

We probably won't get to move to the city we wanted to move to. For a recap of sorts, this is where we live now: Current place This is where we were going to move: New place And this is where we may move: Possible new place Despite the small cost difference between the two "new" places and being in a town we originally didn't want to move to and the "possible" place not having a garage, there are some positives, such as over a hundred more square feet, and it near some very large open fields (the girls would LOVE getting to place in such a large area supervised of course, though I think our big cat, Ollie, might have to get used to being inside at night rather than getting to come and go as he pleases). Both have in-unit washers and dryers, though the "possible" one has 1 1/2 bathrooms instead of 2, and a smaller kitchen. The first one has central air conditioning, but the second doesn't. The second would be 20 miles off that 60-mile commute.

Yes, I am holding Apple responsible. He's stressed to them that I'm high-risk, and that the doctor is worried about whether or not I'll live. They've told him THEY are working on the transfer, and THEY withheld the information that he has to actually apply at other locations, which they didn't tel him until about 5pm yesterday. His managers are hand-picked by corporate. This is the "pet" location of Apple's big-wigs are this location is supposed to be the example for other stores, and so are held tighter to corporate standards than other companies. And still they are doing this. Cody's trying to go around the local managers and their stupid internal system to contact locations directly and see what he can do. His managers here can all go die in fires or something for all I care.


  1. There is this thing in CA called presumptive(sp)medi-cal, and its just for pregnant women, Chris and i were married when i was pregnant with Isis so his income was taken into account, and he made at that time 3500 a month. Its a program they have so pregnant woman can get insurnace just for the pregnancy. Its something that you could try and look into.

  2. It seems like Apple has been going downhill ever since they became more of an iPod company than a computer company.

    Anyway ... I'm a little confused about how far apart the places are? If Cody has found an opening that has a genius bar, how far is that from the apartments you've found, and how far are those from your current apartment?

    You guys are pretty resourceful; hopefully you can work something out. With respect to health insurance, how much would a COBRA extension of Cody's existing insurance cost?

  3. Denise, how does it work when the Medi-Cal office has already denied me?

    The new apartment is about 350 miles from his current job. The problem is he HASN'T found a new position. There are none now available. Cobra would be close to $2k per month, which is FAR more than we can afford.

  4. as of august(i think) cobra is supposed to be cut down to 35% of the cost of the monthly fee. k and i have discussed this many times since, well, we have been concerned about his job until recently. so you might want to double check that. i am not exactly sure of the date, but i know that it is coming up soon as it is taking a huge burden off of his former co-workers who got laid off recently.

  5. That would still leave $1,300 for us if 35% is cut. We can't afford to add a bill that big each month. It's easy to say we can't afford not to, but if the money's not available, it's just not available, especially without work lined up to get rent paid. Our salvation might be if I reapply for Medi-Cal in the window where he doesn't have a job, though I don't know if I'll get booted once he does get one.


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