Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh, grow up

Complain about what is quoted in my blog from publicly-viewable sources and I'll just link directly to it instead of quoting and altering usernames for a little privacy and not quoting. See, I believe in the Constitution of this country, and that included the first amendment as well as others ensuring that the first amendment isn't abused (slander/libel, yelling Fire in a crowded building, etc.), and if what I'm quoting from a public source is relevant to what I am saying, then what's the problem? Don't say something publicly that you wouldn't want quoted. Oh well, I guess I'll just link instead of quoting, and one's words will be linked directly to them rather than to an altered username. (Also Wordpress has NO problem with quoting from public sources - it's not illegal activity.)

Something I'm seeing more and more, in even just the last couple weeks, people who with to stifle the rights of others for their personal convenience. Well, if our leaders decided withhold rights, citizens freak, such as happened wen Bush suspended habeas corpus. It's sad to think of my child being raised to bend over backward and walk away from Constitution rights because one person says so. We have Constitutional rights so we have some freedom in this country. If you value people having no rights, move to China.

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