Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sick sick sick

What on earth was that about, you ask? Well, I ate some donuts and milk, then suddenly began having incredible stomach pains (stomach-stomach, not general stomach area) that can only be compared to the time in 2007 when I got food poisoning TWICE in ten days. O...M...F...G. Have you ANY idea how bad that hurts, especially the second time? It hurt almost as bad as when I had the hole in my intestine and oh-so-fun intestinal acid draining onto the outside of my organs. The second time I thought I was going to die again (been dead thrice and brought back - I'm immortal, I think), and wished so hard I'd just die already.

Anyway the stomach pain was like that almost. Twisting, sharp, KILL ME NOW pain. And then a couple violent trips to the bathroom, and I feel a little more human now, though still hurting a bit. My eyeballs feel dry and like they're shriveling in their sockets. I don't want my denim-blues to become prunes. Oh, and my head hurts. And for some odd reason, my heels. I was looking forward to gong to the theater today to finish up the showgirl hats (if you're familiar with The Producers, it's the girls in the "I Wanna Be a Producer" scene, starting at 2:20 here:

[Wexford production, not the original], only ours are red and black). Sooooo looking forward to it that I had a hard time sleeping last night despite getting home late and being tired.

So instead of getting to spend the day working on showgirl hats and the usherettes (the first six girls here:

from the same Wexford production), I'm spending it on the couch miserable.


  1. Oh i have had food poisoning before, I remember wanting to die from it. I am so sorry you went through this, esp when preggers. I remember heaving (which i hate) and trying to heave as much as possible when it happened bc, besides the shakes that come after it, I felt better for about ten to twenty minutes. Oh I hope you feel yourself again soon!

  2. Why do you eat so much junk food?

  3. Actually I eat far more salad than anything. Take everything else I eat and that's about half as much salad as I eat.


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