Friday, July 3, 2009

Stupidity on Craigslist

I found this ad on Craigslist:
Hi I have a clearblue fertility monitor and a box of 19 test sticks and a brand new box that has 30 in it I am asking best offer for all of it I will not separate I no longer need it because well I am pregnant and due in December I have to say that this monitor does work but it did take me 3 months to become pregnant (if you read about the monitor others had the same problem ) . I bought this brand new off amazon it took me 3 months to become pregnant and I havent used it for 3 months so its about 6 months old there is nothing wrong with it at all .Please email ms_[impatient] if you have any questions or want to offer me a price

OR I am willing to trade for anything to do with a baby ( maybe this is your second time trying for a baby and you want to plan it )(clothes ,toys etc. )

The highlighting it mine (and I changed part of the e-mail address). Since when is taking just three months to get pregnant a "problem"? Seriously, she thinks it is a problem? Though most people see a doctor after one year, taking up to TWO full years to conceive is completely normal.

Also, sewing curtains to put above a cradle from Ikea doesn't make that cradle "one of a kind." That anyone would think so is kind of clueless. Oh, but the "one of a kind" factor did result in the seller asking for more than the cradle would cost new.

Craigslist is funny to read sometimes.

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