Monday, August 10, 2009

Cody will know more on Wednesday about the job situation. As of right now, he's still employed by the old Apple as he has vacation time to burn, though we had hoped to use that for when the baby's born. But it buys is time now and it's needed now. He had to go around his managers in Palo Alto to get anything done. His position isn't open anywhere as of this moment, but there are lateral moves he may be able to make for the same income.

Cody was supposed to put the crib together tonight. He couldn't figure out part of it, so I went to help, and what do I find? He managed to screw the damned thing up. Now part of it's broken, though at least it's just in such a way that adding a couple screws, while unsightly, is still stable enough to be safe. So then I told him a long hinge was on wrong. It's not a drop-side, but rather a drop-gate (top 8" or so drops out forward on a long hinge). It was backward, but he insisted it was fine. So going on a dozen screws later that I put in, he realizes I was right but then tries to insist he was the one who said it was backward. *face-palm*

So I left the nursery and told him to finish. Which he eventually did.


  1. LOL, you broke the crib but you are still going to use it? Aria, where is this "SAFETY FOR THE BABY IS SO IMPORTANT!!!" logic now?

    Do as I say, not as I do. Gee, whodathunk?

  2. It's an ornamental part of the crib, not a structural part. It could be left off entirely and still be fine.

    The piece is a decorative beam under the mattress, not something having to do with safety. He stripped the whole somehow where the screws go to hold it on on one side. So a couple new screws just means putting a couple screws right below where they would have otherwise gone.

    Since you clearly hate me, why don't you save yourself the time and, oh, I don't know...NOT read my blog?


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