Friday, August 14, 2009

Three things

1) He was invited to go in on Wednesday and spend the day, and at the end of the day was told that they're considering someone else too. This didn't sit too well with me. See, the GM here originally said he wanted to firm things up by last Tuesday, then put off talking to Cody until Friday. I said at that time that it probably meant they were also considering someone else, and keeping him strung along on retainer. And I was right. So we were on pins and needles waiting for a call back. Stressed and sick. Why tell him at the END of the day unless they were preparing him for bad news? The other person hasn't even worked at Apple. Anyway, he did get the call yesterday after what felt like forever and he got the job. We don't know what his pay will be yet. It's not the same position he has now, and his pay was at the very top of the pay for this position. But we should know sometime today hopefully.

But the major upside is we keep our insurance.

2) On Monday we had an appointment with the new doctor. All reviews speak highly of the ability of these two doctors. They're a husband and wife team who apparently cater to higher-end patients. Actually, I found out they have to. We met with the husband on Monday.

I first must metion something. When I called to make this appointment a month ago, I obviously asked if they took our insurance, and was assured they do. Then I asked if there is anything else I need to know, fees, etc., aside from medical records. I was told no.

Well, we get smacked with a $400-fee right off the bat for walking in the door (plus our expected $20-co-pay). We weren't expecting to walk out of there owing $420. Out of "courtesy," they're willing to bill us at our next appointment.*

Also we found out that the wife-half of this team doesn't accept ANY insurance, so she's out of network for EVERYONE. Since appointments alternate between husband and wife, half of everything would happen with someone who isn't covered by insurance. Costs for her would be reimbursed at 30%, leaving is 70%. Heaven help us if she were to be the one to deliver our baby. 70% of it would fall to us to pay out of pocket. We can't afford that!! Which is why I look for a doctor who accepts our insurance.

As you night imagine, I was NOT thrilled.

When we met with the husband-half, well, he has the bedside manner of a brick, as Cody put it later. I can tell the guy's knowledgeable, but he's cocky as hell for it. He definitely caters to snobby, high-end clients. Hell, his attitude might have been to counter the snobbiness rich people can have sometimes. He's not concerned with only gaining 15 pounds if you're thin, like me, as his clients are the types who probably have personal chefs and nutritionists who can make sure they get all the vitamins they need with a minimal number of calories. So my only gaining four pounds in 24 weeks is what he likes to see.

We did get to see the baby again, and either he has the smallest penis known to mankind, or she's definitely still a girl. So third time gender's been checked, and third time she's a girl.

*But, needless to say, we aren't going back for another appointment. Even if he is highly-recommended in terms of skill, we just can't afford to be hit with hundreds of dollars in unexpected fees and have then due on the spot. We can't afford to pay what would be a substantial sum of money for us when visits are with his wife and if she's the one to deliver.

3) I had been trying to figure out why I was getting replies in this blog and my prior Wordpress account about the location of fertility drugs and karma with demands to "contact me," but no e-mail address given or other way to contact. I couldn't do anything except ignore that because I couldn't contact someone who wouldn't leave a method of contact. Today I finally got an e-mail through my website e-mail with a link. Oh my god I was furious. Someone's been using my name to hock fertility drugs then not sending them. I didn't get all the way through it. But it's infuriated me. It's probably the clearest attempt at assassinating my character I've seen, someone actually using my name and impersonating me. (FFS, thieves aren't going to use their own real names!!) And the dates listed are right around when someone hacked into a bunch of my e-mail accounts. I'm so sick and tired of this. I'm trying to live my life and a group of people, and I know who, just can't get lives of their own and leave me to live mine. Sad and pathetic when this is someone's idea of fun.

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