Saturday, August 15, 2009


It would make sense that the ONE box lost in this move is also the one most expensive to replace. In addition to my WEDDING RING and other wedding jewelry, not only for me, but my bridesmaids, but other things in it included one of a kind cufflinks and all eight of my Gingher scissors (about $50 a pop), as well as a $400-doll that is no longer made. I am VERY pissed off. VERY.

I wish now I hadn't left a day early and had stayed until loading the UHaul was complete.

ETA: Box found!


  1. ohh no! that's no good. I hope you find it soon!

  2. Maybe you could call over to the other place and ask to see if there was a box left? Worth a shot anyhow.

    Also found your journal by following links of links to see what the drama was about. And absolutely not cool, for the record. Read up to your more recent entry, hope things keep going well, btw.

  3. The box was thankfully found. Which drama links? There is a certain group of people I just want to leave me the hell alone.

  4. Over on livejournal, I'm new over there and was just skimming through memories in a few places, encyclopedia dramatica as well, etc. So that's how I fund your wordpress journal and then went over here following your link. I'm no drama monger, hell I haven't even updated my livejournal yet. Think I might use dreamwidth instead. LJ has way too much drama and stupid.

    I'm also currently not working, haven't been able to sleep for the past few days so this is how I started killing time by making a LJ account to see what the hype was. Not impressed about LJ. Got a DW code and made a journal over there. The insomnia is what had me follow links from lj, etc.

    I've had a blogspot but keep neglecting to actually update it for the last year plus. Because I forgot I had it last summer after I was visiting around the country.

    I'm glad you found the box, I'm not interested in drama persay, but was just curious as to why people who don't actually know other people online will go after other people. (sweet lack of sleep causes run on setences.) Anyhow, the drama was stupid and uncalled for in my opinion. I am glad that you are still chasing your dream of being a Mum. I'd like to slap Apple for you and Cody. Anyway, long comment is long =) Keep chasing your dreams.


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