Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More good news!

United has gap-exception for when there are of providers of a covered service within 30 miles. If there are none covered in network in that area, you get to pick from any of them and call with the provider's info, and they'll set up gap-exception to cover them at in-network. Midwives ARE a covered service, covered at 100% after a co-pay of $20. Holy crap. I was expecting, at best, to have to switch us to a more expensive plan and then get covered at the out-of-network rate of 70%. So...WOW.

So now, if United holds up, then we'll just need to find a midwife who will cover me, and we got a couple personal referrals. This part could still be tricky, I know.

Anyway, the last doctor we did see stated be felt that the risks for a vaginal delivery would definitely be lower than a c/s if the baby's five or six pounds, and since I'm so very likely to deliver early, this will likely be the case. Combined with what I stayed up all night reading, testimony from actual real women who've been through the same thing I have, it does sound like vaginal carries fewer risks. No complications among the vaginal delivery moms (one's had babies over nine pounds!!), and the c-section moms had a good rate of intestinal blockage afterward, and one case of twisting. So we're leaning even more toward natural.

What we've talked about is, if we can find a midwife, of course continuing to see a doctor. If the baby is estimated to be under a certain weight/size at the time of spontaneous labor, then going with a natural delivery, but giving it a deadline of whenever the doctor would want to schedule a c-section. So basically natural happens before a c-section date or not at all. We're trying to balance many things here and two sides of risks. Of course we will talk to the doctor about this too, as well as the midwife. But I'm far more comfortable at this point with a natural delivery.

more good news that I had to call the insurance company to double-check because it's so good is that, as there are no in-network birthing centers around either (within 30 miles), I can choose the one I want, get the gap-exception, ad have it covered at the in-patient hospital rate (100% minus a $200-co-pay).

For me, once bad stuff starts, it's an avalanche for a while, and when good starts, it comes all at once too. So let's hope this good streak lasts and that there aren't any problems with anything. I deserve good for a while!!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear things are working your way. Now you get to enjoy your new place and getting the nursery ready. Wonderful! :)


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