Tuesday, August 18, 2009

J-pouch support!

This has no relevance to anyone here but me, but it has me so happy I have tears in my eyes. I found a j-pouch support forum complete with a section dedicated to women's health and pregnancy, complete with women who've been through exactly what I went through, my same medical background!! Most of the ones who've had babies did have a c-section right off the bat, but the ones who had vagina births have all been just fine. There are some women too who've had to have permanent ileostomies before pregnancy, but none of the ones with a j-pouch have yet gone on to have any problems. This is thrilling to me. Cody and I had almost decided on a method of delivery (which will be outlined in another post later), dependent on two factors, but what I've been reading, the links to things I didn't find, have given me a new hope. This is seriously major for me, and so good.

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