Friday, September 11, 2009

28-week pictures, and other stuff

Yesterday I had an appointment with the midwife. In two weeks, my fundal height grew 3cm, from 23cm at 26 weeks, to 26cm at 28 weeks. Nice, strong heartbeat. I also gad the gestational diabetes test, but unlike at Stanford, I didn't have to drink that super-overly-sweet stuff. I ate food instead, toast, egg, juice, and milk. So much more pleasant. No empty sugar. Just ate a breakfast, lounged on the comfy couch at the birthing center, enjoyable time. Appointments there are so much nicer and more relaxing than a doctor's office.

On the way home, I put the top down on the convertible and drive along the ocean a ways, classic rock on the radio, the girls being typical dogs and loving the feeling of running without doing the work, or whatever it is that makes dogs love to stick their heads out windows. It's just so fun to drive along the ocean with the wind in your hair. Convertibles kick major ass.

Have some pictures.

Still not looking too pregnant when covered.

There's the bump! I'm fully aware I've got marks on my skin, yes, they're stretch marks, yes, I wish they weren't there, but whining about it does no good. It's odd though that the camera makes them look so dark when they're really about the same color as my skin. But hey, there's a baby in there, and that's what matters! She' growing, she's healthy, and she's ours!


Our baby's diapers are on the way and should be here by the end of the week, this package. I don't know if 24 of them is "all the diapers [our] baby will ever need", but it's a start. It's amazing how far cloth diapers have come from when I was a baby and they were the white rectangles that had to be folded first (hence being referred to as "prefolds"). Not only are they shaped like disposables with liners and everything to prevent leaks, but they work over such a variety of sizes. I've heard that smaller newborns are sometimes too small, so either disposables or come of the prefolds may be needed for the first weeks.

I'm so glad we have a washer and dryer. Not all apartments do, but ours does, and it's large capacity for home ones.


I got another dress finished. Perhaps I should start on some that are smaller than a size 1. Charlotte won't be wearing that size for a year or so after she's born. I've got two more size 1's cut out to finish first, and then I'll start on a couple smaller ones for Christmas.

I do have the silk for the top of her crib blanket cut out. It's just so many pieces!! Many yards of silk chiffon have to be gathered into 4" strips and sewn to strips of silk taffeta before they can all be put together. (The silk's been prewashed, so won't shrink when washed later.) It's going to be pretty, and based off of a blanket I saw on Victorian Trading Co. years ago that I still love.

It's so hella nice having a dedicated sewing room again, an entire room just for all my sewing stuff. I've taken pictures, and soon I'll post them. This apartment really is like living in a house, with more square footage (plus a private attached garage!) than the typical American house. It's such a change from the tiny little closetapartment we were in before.


Our bank sucks. Or should I say, our old bank now! Chase. You know them. We had the final straw. A pre-scheduled funds transfer from one account to another was not done, causing a ton in overdrafts since our bills all went through that day. And then the day after it was scheduled it was done. Despite having confirmation of the day the transfer was supposed to happen, Chase said it was our fault for scheduling the transfer online rather than in a branch, and so claim the right to keep hundreds of dollars in overdrafts, and overdraft fees charged because of having overdrafts. Our account wouldn't have gone negative at all, far from it, had the transfer been done as scheduled.

Since we have so much baby stuff to buy, and are buying it, we are definitely in a state where every hundred dollars matters. So being down several hundred in fees makes us nearly broke for another week. The transfer finally going through a day late brought our account positive, but just barely. We are beyond fortunate enough to be in a situation where this is, in the grand scheme of life, nothing more than a minor inconvenience and a major headache rather the road to homelessness and/or hunger.

We've had problem after problem with the bank since it became Chase. Our old banker (as in prior-to-move) was incredibly frustrated with them too, frustrated enough that she was planning to quit, she told me. Not long after we moved, I called to speak with her and she was indeed gone. In the month we've been here, this is the second major screw-up they made. Wamu was a great bank. Chase? It should be taken over by Xenu or something. It can't be worse than it is.

So Tuesday we went and opened an account with a credit union and Chase can fuck off. I'm no happy about this it's unbelievable. I've spent more time on the phone arguing with Chase every single day since they screwed up this time (almost a week, and YES, they DO have people in on Labor Day!! - I made myself enough of a pain to them to find that out when one of their upper-tier managers had to call be back on Monday, only to claim no one in the entire company can do a thing to reverse the charges, even with my documentation) than it took at the credit union. A good couple hours or more a day wasted on the phone with Chase versus being in and out the CU's doors in under 20 minutes.


I'm dragging my feet on cleaning. It'll take about an hour to clean everything that needs it, yet all I want to do is bead. I'm working on some new jewelry to add to my etsy shop and website. Eh, off to do it. Right after eating chocolate pie. PIE. Yum.

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  1. You will like belonging to a credit union. We've done all of our banking that way for many years. They are more customer centered since it is their members who own shares them than banks are. Ours even has overdrawl protection which means that if we write more checks than we have money in the checking account they will automatically transfer what is needed from our savings to cover it and they will do this up to 3 times in a 30 day peroid. Not like we do that on purpose but it has saved us a few times!


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