Monday, September 21, 2009

Just living

Yesterday Cody's mom and I went out and did stuff. Like that's descriptive. :) Specifically we went to link at the Woodranch Grill, which was very yummy. Grilled salmon, crab cakes, mashed sweet potatoes, warm cheesy spinach dip, and hot buttered rolls. Oh, and peach smoothies! Veeerry good. And then to get invitations to my baby shower! Yup, I'm actually having one next month!! From there, shopping at Old Navy where she got me some new maternity jeans (the ones I've been wearing were really better for early maternity), and some tops. I can't believe how much of a belly I'm getting now! This little girl loves to beat the hell out of me from the inside.

And then we got a rocking chair for the nursery and a couple big ol' cat condo-things, one that's about 7' tall and one that is about 4 1/2'. The cats are having a hay day. We're going to rearrange the garage into an animal area and refer to it as "storage". :) Stuff in there for the cats to do, the dogs, etc., because, if we need to have the animals confined at any time, such as if we do have the birth here, then we would rather then have a fun space instead of being locked in our bedroom with nothing to do and not enough space to play, and they sure as hell won't go into my sewing room or the nursery. So the garage will be the animals' room for a while.

I've been sewing quite a bit too, only some of it dress stuff because I'm focusing more on nursery stuff. I'm making all the bedding, for instance.

Friday night I'm hostessing a ladies' dinner and move night.

Really not a whole lot else is going on.

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