Monday, September 7, 2009

25 weeks and 27 weeks

Better late than never on the promised pictures? :) Also some back-entries posted now. They were posted elsewhere, now here.

25 weeks

Pardon the mess, we'd just moved. Emma (touching my hand) and Luthien really wanted to be in a picture.

27 weeks.
I don't look too pregnant yet with regular clothes on.
She was moving!
It's rare that I'll show this scar. A few stupid people have been trying to "call me out" on it. Well, here it is. It's only part of it too, but I'm not exactly inclined to get naked to show the rest.


  1. Oh you have a little belly finally. :)

    I see a Kaluha bottle in your cabinet, LOL! I have a recipe if you ever want it for home made that costs a lot less to make and you can make it as potent as you want, I use 100 proof vodka. I'm bad though I just make it and refill the real bottle and no one notices.

  2. Yes, I want the recipe. :) See the bottom of that cabinet? There's more alcohol in there. You're only seeing one bottle of that Kahlua. :)
    Our bottle of vodka is no longer plain vodka. It's being made into vanilla extract!

  3. Here you go:


    1 1/2 c brown sugar
    2c water
    1c sugar
    1/2c instant coffee (not crystal type)

    heat until sugar melts and mix is smooth
    allow to cool to room temp

    3c vodka
    2TBS vanilla

    makes about 1 quart recipe can be doubled and remember the higher the proof of vodka the better I like to use 100 proof Smirnoff's but any brand will do

  4. That sounds yummy!! Our vodka (100pf) is currently in the process of becoming vanilla extract. =D

    What brand of coffee would you suggest? I so rarely buy instant coffee that I didn't even know there was a non-crystal type.

  5. I've always just bought the store brand of whatever store I'm shopping in, I'm cheap. The reason you don't want the crystal type is that it takes a higher temp to get the coffee to blend in. As long as the label doesn't say "coffee crystals" you are good to go. I only buy instant coffee when I'm making this so normally the small jar works great for a double batch. :)


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