Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our master bathroom

Very high ceilings in here. The bathtub/shower has a Roman bath, one of those deeper oval ones. This is surprisingly nice. Above and to the left of it is a window. It's relaxing to kick back in this tub and just...relax.

That rail you see is in the shower. We have an ADA-compliant unit that includes these little extras, which is nice because it helps me with things like not falling when I'm trying to get out of the tub alone. It's surprising how being pregnant makes things like that more difficult. It's also nice for when my blood sugar decides to plummet and I get dizzy.

It's hard to complain about a double sink. Mine's on the left. Guess which one has strands of face hair. Yeah, that's why I'm glad to have my own sink. Cdy can keep his face fur on his side.

Ah, the throne! Take about three steps ito the bathroom and look toward 2 o'clock, and you get this.

Thrilling. It's the cabinet that you face when on the toilet.

And next? Maybe the kitchen.

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