Tuesday, September 8, 2009

President Obama's speech

Parents often encourage kids to think for themselves instead of blindly going along with the crowd. But when it comes to politics or moral issues or the president simply encouraging children to study, the tune changes and children are supposed to blindly follow along with their parents' beliefs. Such a mixed message.

This is said controversial speech< that is supposed to somehow "indoctrinate" school kids:


Sad sad SAD that the president encouraging kids to stay in school, work hard on their educations, and to take responsibility for their education, and that he knows they can do it, is so controversial. This is exactly what kids need to be hearing more. But oh shame on Obama, trying to indoctrinate kids with the message to stay in school. Oh FOR SHAME! So who's going to light the first pitchfork?

Reagan preaching Christianity to school kids (literally a direct violation of the first amendment, the government not establishing NOR ENDORSING the establishment any religion) was met with less resistance.


Oh, America, now wonder this country is in such a sorry state. Preaching religion, one religion, is fine. Encouraging kids to stay in school is evil....


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  2. I remember that speech. I remember wondering what the big deal was. It was so different than when Regan would speak (literally preaching Christianity). How I was raised is you may not like every speech, but you listen politely and go on your way afterward, presuming it's not used as a starting-point of conversation between parents and kids. Regardless of the president or speech, it's just plain stupid that parents freak out that their kids might, just might, be exposed to something different. But right now, more than ever, it's especially important to get the message to kids to stay in school. A parent doesn't like it? Have the kid listen, then talk to them after. I swear it's like some parents avoid anything like this to avoid having to actually talk to their kids.


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