Monday, September 21, 2009

Some parents need to learn to be parents

I have seen kids misbehaving in public, and I have seen parents ignoring their misbehaving kids. Tonight I was the worst of both I've ever seen, and they were at the same time.

I went to JoAnn's for some gold ribbon and more purple dye. While I was there, a lady came in with her two kids, a girl who was about 4 and a boy of about 2. She proceeds to ignore them entirely.

Her kids began running around screaming blood murder at the top of their lungs, being insane little hell-raisers. The kids kept running around all over the store, heads down, arms flailing about, chasing each other and screaming screaming fucking screaming, hitting people ad hitting other things. The only time they stopped was to try bouncing glass on the floor. Another shopper took the glass (it was a decorative glass ball) away so they wouldn't shatter it and get hurt. I was run into twice, head-barreled in the stomach once. I finally asked the mom nicely, knowing that getting pissy would do nothing, "Would you please not let your kids scream? It's giving me a very bad headache." Her response was to say to me, "Then go home." The two employees (employees aren't really allowed to say anything) who were right there and two other customers right by me were stunned that her response was to tell me to go home and to continue ignoring her kids knocking stuff off a shelf behind her.

Customers did start leaving, commenting to each other, "I'm leaving, I'm not putting up with that anymore." I finally decided to do the same, only also asked to speak with a manager, though one wasn't to be found. By that point, only four customers were left in the store, me, that lady, and two others. Those two others were also leaving by then, and when I started recounting to the clerk what I'd seen those kids doing and that they ran into me twice, the other two ladies jumped in with things they also saw the kids doing, one which was the one to take the glass away from the boy. The other lady's final straw was when those kids tried grabbing her cart away from her as they ran by. The first lady was there when I asked the mom to not let her kids scream.

Then I left without getting everything I needed. I went to the grocery store in the same plaza, figuring I'd go back after getting what I needed. Well, I knew when that stupid lady left because, despite being about 200 yards away, I could hear those damned kids screaming bloody murder outside. By the time I got back to JoAnn's, it was quiet, and it was easy to see that the poor employees were relieved she was gone. Unfortunately they did have a bunch of messes to clean up, which they were starting on.

I can understand when kids are talking to each other and just being very loud. I can understand ignoring a kid so they learn their tantrums aren't going to get them candy. But no matter what, if property is getting damaged and people are being hurt or at risk of being hurt, then you don't have the right to ignore your kid and claim it's a parenting style.


  1. At our Joanns I watched the clerks one day ask a woman to take her kids and leave. They caught them unattended in the paint and glue area dumping both everywhere. They told the woman she had two choices, either pay for the opened stuff or leave with her kids and never bring them back! The rest of us customer applauded as she left with her two kids.

  2. I wish that someone told that lady to leave. They didn't. Why do "parents" let their kids run wild and destroy things, and then get pissed when someone tells them it needs to stop? FFS, once upon a time that stuff embarrassed kids, and ow it's like some of them are trying to one-up each other in that department.

  3. Kids learn really fast what gets their parents attention. If Mom only gives them attention when they are bad and rewards them with promises of things to buy the first thing they will do is act up.IMHO too many people worry that their kids won't like them and want to be their friends instead of being the authority figure and teaching them to behave. Kids really are wild little mammals and IMHO do need to be trained how to be civil.

  4. Too bad those kids were getting what they wanted. They wanted to run and scream because it was fun, they got to.

    Parents need to be parents first, friends second.

  5. Sheesh. People like that shouldn't have kids.

    The mom ignoring them and the kids misbehaving were likely connected. In my experience, the best behaved kids are the ones who have a parent engaging them and playing with them quietly. Next are the ones who have a parent keeping an eye on them. The only really bad ones are the ones whose parents completely ignore them.

    I'm not so sure the kids are getting what they really want, either; I bet they'd rather have a parent who doesn't ignore them.

  6. I'd be willing to bet she didn't ignore them at home where she would have to deal with the things being knocked out of place. Regardless, the mom is definitely at fault, but I'm not going to excuse the atrocious behavior on the part of those kids. They need discipline, not excuses.


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