Monday, September 7, 2009

Some pics of the menagerie

Critter-love? What would we ever do without our four-legged babies? We've got two dogs and six cats. Three cats are here forever, three will have new homes at some point. Litter of four. Word from the learned: Never trust anyone who says that a cat was spayed a couple months before when you are taking that cat away from that person who had said cat on the ed of a rope about to ditch the por, scared-to-death thing. I immediately took Star home, got no indication she wasn't spayed (oh no, none of that freaking annoying meeeeeoooooooow-I'm-gonna-diiiieeeeee from her or anything), and ended up with kittens for it. She has a belly line, which we now knw isn't a spay-incision. I don't think I want to know what it's from when she was in a bad home before us. So that, Ladies and Gents, is why there are four kittens. And even though they were eight weeks old when we moved, "old enough", according to most, to go to new homes, oh hell no, they weren't weened plus kittens shouldn't be separated from mom before at east 12 weeks. So they moved with us. Gonna do right by them.

On with the pics!

Ah, Anakin! This kitten used to worship Ollie. Then one not so very particular day, he suddenly fell in love with me and has since claimed me. He's the kitten we're keeping.

Lil' Jack. He's become the aggressive booger of the bunch, always wanting to be Top Cat.

Rose! Rose was born at 4:15am and Jack at 4:12am. Titanic nuts will get the reference. She's sitting there happy as a clam with Emma.

Em wasn't feeling so swell (she's just a dog who has occasional down-days, nothing to be concerned about, nothing that anything can be done about, which does make us sad). So Rose decided to bathe Emma's forehead. These animals all watch out for each other so much!

The smallest kitten of the bunch. We call her Panda, or Panda-face, because, when she was newly born, she had panda-like markings on her face. She's curled up on top of Emma.

Dumb-dumb! Okay, so this is Luthien. Yeah, she's dumb. Dumber than a box of rocks. But my dog, she's a sweet as can be, and is the MOST maternal animal I have EVER seen. She'd have been a good momma, but alas, her parts were cut out, so she has to settle for being a surrogate to every other living thing. She practically surrogates the kittens.

Starbuck! Oh how we leared the hard way not to trust anyone who says a cat is spayed already. But what do you do when a cat's supposed to have been spayed? Have her cut open again to make sure? And why, damn cat, couldn't you have shown the annoying cat-in-heat signs to alert us? Whyyyyy? You do now, plenty of it. It's been 12 weeks or so. Hurry up and ween the damned kittens so we can have you spayed. I'm convinced you know we won't rehome any of he kittens until they've weaned naturally. Silly Star.

This was taken at our old apartment, so we don't have stairs anymore. Ollie (Oliver) is a ginormous love-ball who pretends to be all tough and stuff. He's dominant as hell with other cats and has one giant set of figurative balls for not having any literal ones. He'll prance around like the king of the castle until he sees a hand. Then he'll head-butt the palm of that hand and roll over like the toasted-marshmallow he really is for pettings.

Also taken at our old place. Told you Ollie's girmous. Emma there is a full-grown golden retriever. See doggy. See cat as big as doggy.

I miss Yoda. He'd be 24 now, and instead has been gone 12 weeks, just 48 hours before the kittens were born.


  1. If you had kept her inside like good pet owners do, she wouldn't have gotten pregnant.

  2. Don't move to Europe then. So many people there believe it's abusive to keep a cat indoors all the time. What d'yo know, Ollie's outside right now. And that old cat who died at almost 24 years of age? He was also allowed outside, and ate an "awful" diet of Friskies. Oh shit, bad us we cut his life short....

    You think good pet owners keep all cats inside all the time. I think good owners let cats outside unless they live by a busy road or coyotes.

    Quality over years is more important to us than quantity. We're not going to keep our animals jailed. So mind your own damned business, jail your pets if you want. We will continue to let our cats go out and play (though Star's stuck inside until she finished weening the kittens, and she is miserable not being allowed outside). I don't care if you don't like it. It's not your call to make.

  3. It's okay, the minute one of your little precious kitties gets hit by a car, you'll come whining to the internet. And I'll be the first one to tell you "I told you so."

    But you're right, your cat dying outside, rotting away under someone's porch after being exposed to the elements or attacked by an animal, or suffering by the side of the road after he got hit by a car is more dignifying than dying while safe & warm in your home. You're a freak.

  4. My kitties get to enjoy their lives instead of having their brains turned to mush by staying inside all the time. One of us can get hit by a car by going outside too, you know. Oh, wait, I was, and I'm not going to coop up inside for my entire life. Almost everything enjoyable in life comes with some measure of risk.

    I know the risks of going outside, of getting into a car, of crossing the street. I know the risk of letting our cats out. And the cats can go outside.

    If I'm such a freak, why do you bother stalking my journal? Clearly I entertain you, so you must secretly like me. If you don't, then stop reading and go do something you enjoy. Rachael Ray annoys me. Guess what. I do everything I can to avoid having to even think about her. I don't even join the internet hate clubs because that would mean thinking about her. Yet you go out of your way to read my journal. So who's really the freak?

    One more reply or comment in my journal will be taken as an admission that you're a closet fan. I've also got no more interest in typing with you.


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