Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tour of mi casa

Well, I promised a few people pictures of our new place, so I may as well post! One or two rooms per day, I think. Except in the hallway, all ceilings are 9.5'-ceilings

This is our guest bathroom. It is literally larger than the kitchen at our old place. The same linoleum was used, so it's easy to be able to let you know the size difference. The old kitchen was 11 squared deep (the number from the door to the bathtub), with fewer than four squares between the sink and stove. That's how narrow the space to move around was. Look at how much room is in this bathroom!

Eventually we'll get around to finding the bath rugs for the floor. This shower hasn't been used for anything since we have a master bath for that stuff.

Those mirrors on the counter that don't look like mirrors from that angle are still sitting there.

The green towel under the dark green washcloth (both are on top of another dark green towel) is what made me decide to get all this bathroom stuff. It was on sale at Linens 'n' Things, I loved the trim, so themed the bathroom of my San Jose apartment with it.

That painting is of the Santa Barbara Mission and is by Mikki Senkarik. Over a period of about two months five years ago or so I acquired ten pieces from her.

Those vases have food-colored water. They're not mildewy or anything.

Up later today: The master bathroom

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