Wednesday, October 14, 2009

33 weeks!

Today is 33 weeks. I posted this to FaceBook, "Today marks 33 weeks! Just 7 to go until my due date, but 4 until we can realistially start expecting her," and Cody replied, "I feel dizzy." That's just cute. Pictures tonight or tomorrow!!

Baby shower on Saturday. I'm nervous. Lots of people. I get nervous around lots of people. I get nervous going to the grocery store. I think I'm agoraphobic. Either way, more than two dozen people have RSVP'd yes so far.

Cody needs his tonsils removed. Every year he gets tonsillitis, and every year it gets worse. Last year he ended up in the ER twice. It got bad enough to develop into an inner ear infection severe enough to cause temporary hearing loss. So I got him an appointment for tomorrow. He'll have three weeks off when the baby's born, so, if the doc agrees about tonsil-removal we'll aim for sometime when he's off.

I rearranged our bedroom. Cody won't be thrilled that I did it by myself, but I was careful. Not a single thing stayed in place. Problem was our bed was under the window, which is surprisingly drafty given that this place is so new Google Maps still shows the foundation for satellite. But it looks good.

Also that co-worker who was in the accident in New York was supposed to be back at work today, but likely on limited duty. It's going to be too much for him to be out at the bar all day, so here's talk about moving the guy to Cody's position (at his current pay), and maybe moving Cody to the bar for a while. Kind of screwed up if that guy gets paid more per hour to do Cody's job while Cody gets less per hour to do the guy's job. Since the guy is back before the end of the 12 weeks, it's not like they can dock his pay. But if Cody's going to (maybe) do the guy's job, he should get that (higher) pay.

Don't know yet about back-pay. I think his managers here are looking into when the review period ended that this review was supposed to have been done in. He was definitely owed the raise by the end of that period, though whether he'll get the back-pay is in the air.

I'm discouraged.

Heh, nope, not banned from that forum, just told to "respect the rights of others to having as many children as they want regardless of ability to pay for them, even if the only plan is permanent welfare." I really can't stand people who think it's just fine to intentionally conceive babies but to not actually care enough about those babies to take care of them. What a way to promote responsibility. Don't intentionally conceive kids you know you can't afford, especially if you're already living 100% on welfare, don't see that changing, and do what you can to ensure the welfare checks keep coming. And don't get pissed off at me for saying how selfish and irresponsible it is to have babies like that. I wonder how many of them are fine with Octomom having over a dozen babies without ever working for a singe dollar of the money to support them, just planning on welfare with each one.

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  1. Don't be nervous about your baby shower try to think of it as your daughter's first party so how could you not enjoy it? :)


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