Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Angry. SO angry.

Our insurance explicitly states homebirths are covered, and if a provider of a service in network isn't available for a 30-mile radius of home, then a gap extension will be covered to the provider of our choice who will cover that service.

Well, after multiple phone calls with the insurance company making sure there are no in-network midwives in the area covering homebirths, and them saying they couldn't find any in-network midwives to begin with, I was told to file that gap extension and to go ahead and start seeing the midwife of my choice who does homebirths, which I did.

As of today, they are now denying coverage for my midwife and homebirth, saying, they've found two midwives at local hospitals, and though they won't do homebirths, I am to see one of them if I want coverage.

NO. Fucking NO. I will NOT go to a hospital where they will, without a doubt, try to force me into a c-section (not getting into it, but this is part of why I decided the midwife-route - no doctor I talked to would let me have a vaginal birth). I will NOT go see someone I've never seen before (presuming they'll even take someone this lat in pregnancy), especially when the baby's considered term in five weeks and I'm expected to deliver within six (despite my "due date"). ESPECIALLY when homebirths ARE a covered benefit under our insurance plan!!

So now, with very little time left, we have to file an appeal and wait for them to decide. If it were to come down to it, we would have an unassisted homebirth over a hospital birth. So far our midwife hasn't shown a willingness to drop us though.

I've got far too much on my plate as it is without adding this to the mix.

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