Saturday, October 3, 2009

One hell of a week or two

I found out in one day my mom's older sister had a heart attack (I'm surprised it took this long with all her drug use), my mom's step-dad died last Saturday at the age of 63, and my mom was supposed to have surgery to remove a softball-sized mass from her pancreas that could be cancer. I haven't seen my aunt or grandfather in nearly six years, and it's more or less good riddance. My mom didn't get the surgery done after all because Mercy said they didn't have the equipment for it, so were going to send her to Stanford, where they do, only she has some sort of county medical coverage, which pigeon-holes her into only being able to receive care in the county not willing to provide it. So she's out of the hospital now, and she's been ending up back in there every few weeks. It would cost less in tax dollars to just remove the damned tumor than to keep having the ambulance pick her up. Anyone against the public universal health care option should be shot and then told to go get help without their big fancy insurance plans and without their fortunes.

FFS, I've got one of those fancy insurance plans. Our covered a large chunk of IVF and covers everything else as well from acupuncture to midwifery. Having a home birth has a single co-pay of $15. Having a birth at a birth center or hospital has a co-pay of $15 and a deductible of $200. We pay $130 every two weeks for insurance that covers everything. Sure, we're had to fight them to get them to cover certain things they're supposed to, but in the end, it was done.

We're lucky. We know we are. Just prior to this coverage, neither of us had any coverage, and both of us remember well not being able to go to doctors, especially me, as I was hospitalized several times without it and was unable to get medicine I needed. No one should have to be lucky to see a doctor when needed.

I'm not in favor of a lot of social programs as they are. I'm not a fan of 100% supporting people who go off and have kids they can't afford planning to just get welfare for them and plan to milk it as long as possible (anyone who says you get kicked off after two years in this state is an idiot - explain how the hell my stupid genetic-rejects have been on it for their entire adult lives, most of them starting to get checks directly for their own kids as teens themselves). I'm not a fan of protecting people from their repeat mistakes, removing from them the burden of responsibility for their actions. I do not believe having apartments and clothing and food are the types of rights that workers should have to pay for for those who can, but won't, work.

I do believe everyone has the right to be alive so they can go out there and work to try to provide these things for themselves, and I do believe aid should be given to those who are actually trying and just not succeeding. Being alive shouldn't be just for those lucky enough to have health coverage, wealthy enough to afford it privately or afford to go without it and pay out of pocket, or those who have been blessed with excellent health. (I am also both pro-life and anti-death-penalty.) People shouldn't essentially be killed for not being rich. without health, one can't try to obtain the rest of what's necessary. The most basic of basics is life.

I've also been incredibly frustrated. That pay cut Cody got has really taken a bite out of things for us. We moved to a much larger apartment with a very modest increase in rent because he was supposed to have been kept in the position he was in when we moved. So, with all the baby stuff we've bought, and with that pay cut, and with the cost of gas, and the cost of the Floridix I need, etc., we're budgeted down to the penny right now. There's no leeway at all. Well, technically we could say that there is because his parents are willing to help out when we need it, but we really prefer not to.

We'll figure it out. We've already got a budget written out that will get us to the point of several hundred spare dollars by December. It's just frustrating right now that we've both worked so hard and sacrificed so much and, instead of taking a step forward, have taken a step back.

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