Friday, October 9, 2009

Pics, and wow are things every busy....

So my 32-week pictures, only a couple days late.

This pregnancy has made my scars and such so much more visible. Oh well.

From the front, I still have my normal shape. Kinda. Sorta. Generally.

Let's see. What else. A lot. In a nutshell, the people who live above us are the poster-family for entitled fuckwads who shouldn't have kids. They let their kids run and jump and scream (so much of the running and jumping, so hard it's knocked pictures out of place on our walls and I thought there must have been several kids the first few times, but it's just two), and when I asked them nicely about six weeks ago or so to please not let their kids do that, that I didn't know if they realized how much the sound carried down, they seemed understanding and nice, but it didn't stop.

Wednesday I finally went up there again, and they were hostile and just awful, and I found out the noise complaints about us were coming from them. These complaints made no sense because it is so dead quiet here most of the time. TV is rarely on, no music, dogs don't bark, etc.. I enjoy quiet when I'm alone, and when Cody's home, we still don't care for loud booming sound. The guy upstairs told me straight up if I wouldn't have asked them that, then they wouldn't have a problem with me, but I did, and so they're going to "keep trying to get [me] evicted." They both kept yelling at me that you can't control kids, kids are going to run and scream, it's what kids do, can't control them, I just have to get used to it. Um, yeah, you CAN control them. There's this thing called PARENTING. And today they filed a complaint claiming out dogs have been vicious and aggressive toward them, which is a lie. Not only are our dogs never around them, but these dogs are so submissive to other dogs it's embarrassing. A Yorkshire terrier, of all dogs, had them both belly-up at a dog park. I've spoken with management, and all they can do is nothing. Apparently noise caused by kids is protected by law, or some such crap, to prevent the chance of discrimination based on family status, and regarding the hostility, it's word against word on that one. But those freaks have lodged enough complaints that we are no longer allowed to transfer to another unit. There's so much more that they've done and said that it's become unbearable living here, which sucks, because this is a beautiful apartment and we just don't want to have to move again. But six weeks of complaints non-stop, and now finally finding who it's coming from and that they're dead-set on continuing is just too much.

So we are aiming to find a house by January. Not like we can really afford deposit and all but we have to try. I can't deal with those people trying to cause problems, having to deal with management on a near-daily basis as I've been doing for weeks now. Our baby deserves rested parents who can care for her instead of parents constantly on edge wondering what next.

On the insurance-front, no news really. Have to go through an appeal process with less than five weeks to go before I'm expected to possibly deliver. I'm due December 2nd, but am expected to deliver two to three weeks early. So got to be on the look-out starting November 11, just four weeks and five days from now.

Cody's managers here are pretty pissed. His old managers are still ignoring them, so they've had to take it to the district management to get clearance to do a review, and that may start a shit-storm because his old managers will probably have to account for why the hell they've ignored multiple attempts at contact from the managers here. If they ignore managers of other stores, it's going to call into question their fitness to be managers at all. Who knows what customer complaints they are ignoring. We like the managers here. They are actually taking action rather than being all talk, and they're keeping Cody in the loop, unlike the previous ones who it could take a couple weeks to get them to take two minutes to fill you in on something, and only when they can't get away from having to answer.

So. Insurance, possibly moving, and work stuff. Holy freaking cow.

In fun news, I've got a couple dresses to make, which is always relaxing. First up is a Wendy gown from Disney's Peter Pan, only it won't be like the parks' versions. Mine will be better because it will be more authentic to the look in the movie, and NOT made out of satin. It was a child's nightgown, not a ball gown like the parks make it out to be. Also the cut of the parks' gown is all wrong at the neckline, and in the movie, there are no visible sleeve bands. The gathers, when drawn in the film, concentrate toward the tops of the sleeves as well. So I'm going to make mine like the movie's.

The other is a little girl's navy regency dress. One of my favorite colors. Dark blues, absolutely. White trim, it's going to be adorable.

So tomorrow we'll be having breakfast with Cody's mom, seeing some of Cody's friends he hasn't seen in ages (if they're awake from partying late tonight before we decide to leave town and head back this way), shopping for the supplies needed for the dresses, and trying to figure out how on earth to send invoices with Google Checkout because I want to stop using Paypal. I hate Paypal. I hate Paypal more than I hate eBay, which is a LOT.

Also the worst game every invented is Facebook's FarmVille. I spend entirely too much time on it, like an hour a day or something. But it is good distraction. So good, bad, I don't know. I'm at a level 23 in six days. When I start to feel a lot of stress, into our room I go and off to mess around on the farm. I've even put a sandbox next to my black manor for Charlotte. It's a fun mental escape.


  1. Nasty neighbors are awful to deal with but can also be fun at the same time. If yu have it in you, fight fire with fire. When I had a nasty upstairs neighbor I also had control of the heat in the building. :)

  2. I would be so tempted to do something like that, but I'm not a vengeful person. Sometimes I wish I was. I haven't even been able to make myself pound on the ceiling with a broom handle. Why can't I be one of those people who actively seeks revenge? :(


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