Monday, October 5, 2009

Positive thoughts, fingers crossed, whatever

Okay, so Cody should be getting a review this week since the old managers didn't ever do one as they should have. With review typically come raises. If he gets the typical percentage for his old position, that would help so much that we'd be able to get by. It would also help boost his pay more if he gets back into the position he should have been in, which it looks like one might be opening soon. I'm afraid to hope though.

We really and seriously want to get out of this state at some point. The goal has been by the time Charlotte's 2 years old. Life in this state is like the song "Rent" from the musical of the same name. Everything is rent. Rent rent rent, good freaking luck ever owning without becoming a millionaire or living in the horrid central valley. We still have our sights set toward Pennsylvania. The family I love as my own and see as my sister and brother (though they're married, so brother-in-law?) and nieces, who we consider to be Charlotte's family, are there. We don't need big-city living. We are completely happy being "old folks" and talking plants and basically being boring. There are things we do love about California, like the ocean and palm trees and the family we have right here, but looking at the long-term, this isn't going to be the place for us to settle. We just aren't rich enough, nor do we ever anticipate being, to live comfortably here for the remainder of our lives.


  1. I so hope his review went very well and that a new position opens and allows you to relax a little. It's not good being so worked up all of the time over finances. I often wonder how anyone can live in CA when I hear about how expensive it is?

  2. Will the new managers do a review for him when he wasn't working for them most of that time? If they do, they have my respect, which the old ones definitely don't have.

    I sent an email with regard to dresses. It's from my aol account; hopefully it doesn't go into your spam box.

  3. Fund your e-mail, Psy. :) Of course I've replied by now, but still.

    The new managers have actually already been trying to contact the previous ones for the info they need to do the review! However not surprisingly, the previous managers have been completely ignoring the new managers' requests. They're still trying, bless them. Raises aren't allowed out of the blue and have to come as either part of a yearly review or the result of moving to a new position (presumably to prevent the possibility of favoritism). Cody actually should have had his yearly review this past MARCH, so is long overdue - that's right, the old managers didn't do his yearly review, and now they're blocking the new managers who are trying to. No one has any respect for those idiots. I won't repeat what people have said about them, but there's nothing about them to respect. They're dragging that store down though. I don't see them being GMs much longer. These new ones, however, are a complete 180 and don't just sit around doing nothing, being elusive, as the old ones were, and they're trying to get Cody what he's overdue for.

    Christina, we should know pretty soon.


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