Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So I had an appointment today with the doctor backing my midwife...

...and the baby is indeed not head-down. She is unstable, meaning she is moving around. As of this morning, she was transverse, oblique with her but by my right hip, head diagonal toward my ribs on the left. Since I'm also 35 weeks as of today and have already gone longer than the odds give me due to a bicornuate uterus we don't have a lot of time to spare if we're to get her head-down.

In her current position, if I were to go into labor right this second, it would be impossible for her to come out vaginally. She HAS to move. Stupid state laws won't allow a midwife to assist with babies who aren't head-down, and the stupid local hospitals won't allow anything but c-sections on babies who aren't head-down. We just don't have the money to ship me off to a state where a breech baby can be delivered vaginally, so we MUST get her to move 135 degrees clockwise. A c-section is just so incredibly risky. The back-up doc agrees, of course, and I trust him to truly want to help me avoid a c-section (he is so adamantly against women being forced into what he doesn't want that he is very, very close to losing his hospital privileges because he won't force women into c-sections for having breech babies and prior c-sections).

So inverse tilting, I got some acupuncturist names for moxibustion, a couple chiros for Webster's breech, and then, if that doesn't work in the next week, we're going to try an inversion. Since the placenta is posterior, this gives an inversion a higher chance of working.

I'm starting to go into denial about the fact that, should this baby not cooperate, I've got as much of a chance of being dead by my next birthday as being alive. At least being in a bit of denial is allowing me to function. The position of my small intestine and the adhesions just plain make a c-section too risky. We thought my intestine was behind my uterus for the longest time.


  1. Are there any massaging techniques to try to encourge her on which way to move? I do hope she cooperates adn does what she needs to do soon.

  2. Ok a quick search turned this up:
    I also read that putting an icebag on the top of your stomach encourages baby to move their head away to warmer spot and that years ago women scrubbed floors by hand not because the floor was dirty but that the motion encouraged baby to move to head down position. Probably all old wives tales but who knows?

  3. We've been using ice packs until my skin is red and numb. Actually pelvis being at a reverse incline, such as would happen when scrubbing floors, holds some merit. One of the positions I was told to lay in for 20 minutes at a time does just this.

  4. For what it's worth, Margaret did not go head down until a couple weeks before birth.


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