Monday, October 12, 2009

Well, well, well...

The old location is now actively trying to get Cody to move back. They're still short four people for his old position. When he left, that shorted them five, though one of those was a girl away on her honeymoon, so really four vacancies. If I recall correctly two of the other vacancies were from people who just outright quit in annoyance at the management. Regardless, they've still got four spots to fill. If, in this economy, in that area, in a tech area that has been his especially hard, they can not get all their vacancies filled, this is really reflective of some problems. Now I don't know if they've brought in new people to fill those spots and others are just quitting, or what, but in Silicon Valley, where layoffs happen by the thousands as jobs are outsourced overseas by the thousands (ffs, I ended up training my own replacements in Moscow under the impression they were to augment my team, not replace me!!), well, this doesn't sound so good.

So this gives weight to our suspicion that they were indeed trying to keep him there, hence all the lying to us about getting the transfer done, it's done, everything's fine, only to find out they'd done nothing and there we were a week away from moving when we found out.

Also they did the same thing to another of Cody's former co-workers when that guy transferred. I just found that out from the former co-worker. I wonder how many others who've transferred had the same or similar things happen.

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