Sunday, October 11, 2009

Work stuff for the Code-Monkey

So. Cody's new managers had to get the district/regional people involved because the old managers were ignoring them, and Cody should have had a review, and by george, they intended to make sure he had the review and gets the raise he should each last spring!

Well. Now the old managers are replying, or sent a reply, as the case may be, that they did do a review.

Only there is no record of one ever having been done. The new managers can find nothing. On Cody's employee record, where there is a spot for the reviews to be posted, there is...nothing. Also the employees must sign off on the reviews as acknowledgment of the review. Only there isn't anything signed off on by Cody...because one wasn't actually done.

So the old managers lied to us and cost us money (by Cody not getting into one of the positions that were open when they were open, forcing him to take what was available at a pay cut), an nearly cost him a job altogether as it was only a stroke of luck that, at the end of his time off, one store just happened to list the position he's on now.

And now the new managers are being lied to as well. Kind of nice, in a sad way, that they're being lied to as well now, since it gives our complaints more weight. Other managers can now back up the dishonesty by the old ones.

Cody's definitely owed something for this.

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