Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ft. Hood again, and more baby stuff

When I wrote my last entry, the Ft. Hood shooter was believed to be dead. SINCE that post, some pretty compelling evidence has come out that he's just a bastardly freak of nature committing an act of domestic terrorism, to use much milder words than I care to type. These extremists just need to stop. But somehow they don't realize that it's acts like this that make ALL Muslims in this world look bad and cause the fear of their religion and give reason for governments to continue war against them. Or maybe they do, don't care, and think their fellow Muslims who wish to leave peacefully deserve to die right alongside Americans. I don't believe for one second that the Qor'an says to kill Americans anymore than the bible said to kills Jews.

This religious warring is going to make it so much harder to raise a child who is accepting of all religions, as we still hope to do. It's making it a lot harder for people to accept various religions. It's almost a "no wonder" at the people who want everyone to be their own religion. It probably feels like the world would be safer if all shared one religion, and maybe it might be, but that would be impossible.

Anyway the second version will be on Tuesday, and the third one on Monday still. Makes no sense? The first and third were to be with the midwife. Second in the hospital with the doctor using drugs. Original plan was to have Karni try first, since midwife-attempted versions are milder than doctor-attempted ones. If that didn't work, then the doctor-attempted one, which is in the hospital with drugs because it's a lot harder and said to be rather painful. Joy. It also carries the risk of setting of labor. So if the version doesn't work and it sets off labor and she's in a bad position (as one Friday, she was presenting her left arm and shoulder (head in my right hip), meaning no way she could come out vaginally, it would be an emergency c-section. But if it didn't work and no labor, then a weekend of resting before one more midwife-attempted turn. The OR wasn't available for Friday, so that doctor-try is Tuesday instead.

If it did work at the hospital and she popped back out of the correct position, then we'd do one more version attempt in the hospital and then Pitocin if it worked. Dammit, I really want to avoid that stuff, but a vaginal delivery is so much safer than being cut open. It would be Pitocin to eliminate the chance of her moving back out of correct position between the version and natural labor.

If she's head-down come Tuesday, bring on the castor oil.

She's got enough room in there right now (and enough fluid, actually borderline-high) to be able to move. We can move her ourselves. Hopefully this extra space doesn't work against us in that it gives her enough space to keep moving out of position. On the 28th, 35 weeks, she was estimated to weight 5lb 12oz, which is I guess small, or so everyone says, but I was born at 39 weeks exactly at 6lb 15oz (though I was 23 3/4" long, and I have the picture-proof, a pic of me at one week old, this looooong skinny thing).

We've also got a pool in our closet. A big thing about 5.5ft wide and a little over 7ft long. If Charlotte goes back head-down, she'll be born in it.

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  1. So nice to see a sensible post on Fort Hood. I've been seeing way too much of either "Aw, what he did was perfectly understandable" or "See - muslims are evil incarnate!"

    7 lb and 24 inches? Wow.


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