Thursday, November 26, 2009

A good laugh

Now that we have more turkey left over than I know what to do with, well, I don't know where I was going with this thought. I'm in dark meat heaven. "Why does everyone like the white meat?" I once asked my dad after leaving his parents' house. "Because everyone else likes it too," he said. Well not I. I'm a lover of the thigh meat. More flavor, softer, just so much more delicious.

Anyway we were eating some of the pumpkin pie I made last night, and a chunk of seasonings didn't get blended in well enough. So I plucked it out and tossed it to Emma. Toss anything edible in that dog's direction and she'll catch it and eat it. As she did. A couple seconds later she looked like she was second-guessing that move, and then started rubbing her face into the ground while giving me the occasional look of death! It was so funny that I laughed so hard I'm still achy. Tomorrow we're going to freeze some of the leftover turkey, and I think we're going to donate the other one we have in the freezer.

It's been a relaxing day so far, done nothing more than cook and lounge around, watching some movies, crocheting, reading, willing Ms. Parasite to pretty please come out now.

Hope most of y'all have a good one!

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