Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am so ready for this baby to be out!

Dear baby, you are hereby evicted.

Since she's back in the proper position, I am allowed to either be straight upright or on my left side. I'm not allowed to clean or sew or do much of anything else that may involve bending over or moving around since we don't want her to start moving around much and get out of position. Since she has as much room horizontally as vertically, we don't want me bending over so that she'll feel more comfortable going transverse again. And this belly binder thing is making me itch.

Bed rest is boring. I was bored enough yesterday morning that I plucked my armpits instead of shaving them. Plucked. With tweezers.

We're ready for her to come, have everything necessary, and Cody's schedule at work is a few days out at a time so he can be ready to take off as soon as he gets a call from me.

Impatient? Why yes, yes I am!


  1. Do you do any hand work at all? I'd teach you to knit or crochet if you were closer to give you something to occupy your time while you wait.Just think this is the first time she is trying your patience....I'm sure it won't be the last! ;)

  2. You know you are going to have to start at least leaving a comment everyday so we don't think you've went into labor on us!

  3. I've got a list of places to post when labor starts including here. :) Are you on Facebook by any chance?


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