Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Insurance update

Okay so letter together for the insurance company. They are going to pay/pay back/something for this, in addition to roast in hell.

November 6th I was told:
1) that Apple allows them to deny midwife coverage for homebirths and birth center births if there's a doctor in the area.

2) that if a decision for an appeal hasn't been made before the baby is born, then they won't cover any of the prenatals dating back to August because those appointments have all been with the midwife (which, btw, is included in the total cost of the midwife - $2500 for all prenatals and delivery AND the first month of postnatals is a steal compared to going to an OB/GYN for the prenatals alone!).

3) that they will consider it a file closed as of the date of birth and so will no longer even consider the appeal. Yet they have no guidelines or rules about how long they have to decide, so they can just wait until she's born and then say, "Well, she's here, case closed, you're SOL now."

Apple's HR eventually told Cody that United can deny covering home-births and birth centers if there's a midwife who will deliver at the hospital. Too bad for both United and Apple that this exception isn't actually in writing anywhere. The policy states home-births and birth centers are covered with no exceptions listed. Can't legally advertise a benefit you won't cover.

Ah, but what about if the policy changed? I called yesterday and verified, once again, that these things are still covered with no change. And I verified that there are no exceptions to coverage listed. And I got more names and the reference number. It's only when actually trying to utilize the benefits do exceptions suddenly exist (but not in writing) that don't really exist in writing anywhere.

So we're still fighting, and at least I'm feeling low about having to accept help with the midwife cost. This whole ordeal hasn't done very good things for my health or self-esteem. Those who know me well know how much it takes to ask for help and how it makes it so hard for me to hold my head up.

Fuck these insurance freaks. Money wouldn't be so tight if it weren't for worthless insurance. They have dragged our lives down and compromised my health, endangering me and this baby.


  1. Oh Aria, I am so sorry that you are going through this hell, when you are supposed to be enjoying your pregnancy. The insurance company definitely has to pay for what they have done to you. I hope you have a win, and very soon too. *hugs*

  2. Thanks, Girl. :) BTW, your weather is stuck up here, all the sun and warmth. Fly up here to retrieve it! Oh, and see the baby when she finally gets here! :)


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