Monday, November 30, 2009

Insurance update

Cody heard from HR last Wednesday that there is a new policy taking effect that may benefit us. But being a holiday week, he had to wait until today to talk to the lady on the phone.

Turns out that they've been getting a ton of complaints from people in the exact same position we're in, being told their midwives would be covered at the in-network rate, then, in practice, being denied all together after being given months of run-around. So they said they're going to be forcing United to follow through and pay for the midwives at the in-network rate.

Insurance being insurance, I'm going to remain skeptical until we not only have something in writing, but until it happens. In the meantime we're going to pay the midwife out of pocket what we can since we absolutely don't want her or her center to suffer financially because of having to wait around for United to finally pay out. I wouldn't put it past them to drag on payments.

I don't know how it would work in regards to being reimbursed by United for what we spend out of pocket to the midwife, if she'll be allowed to bill the full thing and reimburse us what we pay to her, or if she'll be allowed to bill what's over what we pay, and we have to submit a claim ourselves for reimbursement, or how is all works. But the money raised so far will still go to her right now, and if it's reimbursed to us later, will go into a fund for MCF, and/or to help another mom get in with a midwife, as this money was given with the intent of helping with midwife costs, and so that is what it will be used for.

His employer's corporate HR finally openly acknowledging a problem with United's refusal to cover a covered service is a huge step in the right direction. Let's hope things continue. After yesterday, some good news like this is appreciated. Fingers crossed that it all finally works out.

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