Friday, November 27, 2009

Maybe getting close?

Low-grade cramping persistently over the last few hours. It's not completely constant, just almost consistent without break. It feels like period cramping, both abdominal and lower back. Maybe I'm being hopeful, maybe it means labor will happen in the next week or so? Finally?


  1. Maybe indeed! I've got my fingers crossed for you Aria, good luck!!!

  2. I'm crossing my fingers for you as well! I've been following you since the spring and I am so excited that you are finally having your baby.

  3. How are those cramps coming along Aria? You have been in my thoughts all day!

  4. how's it going, lady? I hope you're doing well. miss you on lj...

  5. Hi, Naomi! I just checked your blog and I think it'll be a valuable resource for us when Charlotte's big enough. How did you come by my blog?

    GARGH! Cramps leveled down a big to pretty much nothing, Kel. :( She's stayin' in there a while longer.

    I've got you on FB, right, Sarah? Blame the LJ trolls for me not being around LJ these days. Don't need nor want their drama.

  6. I've been off FB for a few weeks now - to get away from the stuff with J, and it's hella distracting from school. I might be back next month... I haven't decided yet.

  7. Poor Aria, she had us all excited too! Just try to remember that these cramps are your body's way of getting ready for the real thing. Hang in there darlin', you're doing great. :)

  8. Hi Aria, sorry I missed this when you replied. :) To be totally honest I first learned of you through sf_d, but stopped going there soon after because I was so disgusted with how people are treated. I heard (through the LJ grapevine) that you had conceived and I was so thrilled for you and Cody (since my fiance and I are struggling with fertility issues) that I started following you here on Blogger to cheer you on. I didn't comment for a long time though, because since you were having issues with LJ trolls I didn't want you to think I was one of them. *frets*

    I hope to be adding more content to my blog soon. I am 3/4 of the way through my Child Development program and am finding a lot of useful information to add to it. :)

  9. A lot of those people are just freaks with no lives who get their kicks and jollies by trying to hurt others. I think it's the only "meaning" they feel their lives have. Anyone who believes that trying to harm others is fun is mentally disturbed. I'm willing to bet most of those trolls, of not all of them, feel weak and powerless in real life and only have any sense of control of anything why going online and banding with others like them to try taking control of an innocent person's life. Notice how few of them are willing, or able, to think independently from the pack. "If someone on the internet says it, it must be true" seems to be especially true among them as they take anything said (at least against certain people, many people) at face value without stopping to ask themselves if it really could be true, or what evidence there is.

    I'm not sure how long you've been reading that community, but the comments made have ranged from hoping I miscarry every baby to hoping that, if I have a live baby, it dies an awful death in my arms. Only the evilest of evil people could even think these kind of thoughts, much less actually say them in any way, much less tell them directly to the person they wish it on.

    I don't tend to hold grudges against someone who either has realized their actions were wrong, or who didn't say something. Yes, I'm weary of anyone new to me online, but I try to not cast someone out entirely until something is said or done to me directly by that person. I try to not treat someone as guilty by association. So you're safe right now. :)

    My life has its challenges, and we've faced many with insurance, both with getting them to originally cover the IVF as they were supposed to, as well as what they're doing now, requiring us to suddenly have to come up with thousands out of pocket on our own to pay ourselves for a benefit they claim is covered, but that they don't have to cover. But I've got someone who loves me, great friends, great pets, and a baby due any day now, and, despite my life's difficulties, I strongly believe my life has much more happiness in it than theirs. After all, I am not one of those who feels the need to go trying to drag others down for my own entertainment or to feel better about myself or my life.

  10. I do believe that most of them live VERY unhappy lives, with the way they treat other people (especially the "regulars" who they snark so often. As in, "Oh look XXXX said something!".) Those posts really make me angry. I can see snarking something stupid, I've done that, but people are allowed to make mistakes/say something unpopular/whatever and should not be hounded for the rest of their internet lives over it.

    I did, unfortunately, read many of the comments that you mentioned. Right about the time that usersecrets started back up there was a lot of stuff going around about you. IIRC, that was right when you found out that you were expecting. Some of the comments literally made me sick. There is snark and then there is...well, no, that is going too far. I don't think I would ever be able to hate anyone so much that I would wish for the death of their child - especially someone whom I had never met!! I lost a child a little more than 5 years ago and wishing that kind of heartbreak on anyone, even my most hated enemy, is unthinkable.

    I only go back there every now and then, and only to look for actual stupids, not personal grudges that have been taken too far.

    From everything I've read both at LJ and here on your blog, while you are very outspoken (a good thing IMO) you have never said anything that made me go "O.o OMG I NEED TO RUN TO SF_D AND TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT!!!!!" I don't understand why people will constantly hound you and a few others (there are one or two people that I can think of off the top of my head who seem to hold an extra-special-extra-hard hatred for you, and I just don't get it at all.) You seem to know what you believe in and are willing to stand up for it. Even if our specific ideologies disagree, I admire your willingness to stand up to the criticism that is out there.

    Even with all of your hardships I can tell that you are a happier, more well-adjusted person. I can't even begin to imagine all the things that you've had to go through with the insurance company (especially with your little one due any minute now!) I really am hoping and praying that things work out for you. :)

  11. I like stupid stuff in the news, like the lady who called 911 because he boyfriend wouldn't marry her. I don't like that she tied up a 911 line with that, but still got a chuckle that someone thought that was worthy of an emergency call.

    Personal grudges seem to be fashionable there. There are three people in particular who especially love to hound me and regularly comment in this blog too, which is why I have comment-moderation on. I see an e-mail with a notification one of them commented and I just delete it without opening. I see a comment by someone else and it can be approved right through the e-mail. So their comments are just wasted since they're not read, yet the keep commenting almost daily anyway. Really, they have nothing better to do? Nothing at all?

    My dad taught me to stand for what I believe in, and I'm very glad for that. Sure, not all my beliefs are popular (like being pro-life, both unborn and criminal [I'm also against the death penalty]), but so? People who effect change in this world also had to stand up for an unpopular belief. Or maybe certain beliefs aren't unpopular, just their adherents are afraid of being bashed over the head, and so stay quietly seated. The vast majority of the time, there's no clear-cut answer.

    A friend of mine compared those trolls to spiders in a jar. When there's no meat for a time, they'll jump on each other and attack each other. It's sad that they see each other as friends, yet these "friends" will all attack each other. They're united only in the common goal of trying to inflict hurt. How many of them could really rely on each other though? It's all a charade.

    If I may ask, and you can e-mail me instead if you don't want to chat about this publicly ( for my contact info), what is the cause of the infertility you and your husband are having to deal with? It's a very hard road, we know. And we wish you the best too. I'm also very sorry about the child you lost. I don't know if you have more, but it seems that that loss would only be more profound now, and I wish you the best in having another child.

  12. Ok, I'll send you an email. :) I'm at work now, so it might take me a few hours to get it all written out and sent off.

    And thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate them.


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