Sunday, November 29, 2009

Scary morning

I woke up thinking I was peeing the bed. I stood up and it turned out to be a bunch of bright red blood. I don't recall ever shaking so much from fear over what was happening. If it was just me, fine. But my thought was what was going on with the baby. Since morning isn't usually an active time for her, I couldn't feel anything and didn't expect to. Only thing that that's happened different was we actually had sex for the first time in ages last night. I was freaking and thinking that somehow hurt her.

We called the midwife, called Cody's mom, snapped a picture of the bed (which only had about half of it - there was more in the toilet) and hightailed it to the birth center (Karni was there, despite how early it was, as there was a birth last night, a baby boy!).

Good news is it was probably a bunch of cervical irritation, and the back-up doctor concurs. Charlotte's heartbeat is fine, the bleeding has stopped. I am on complete bed-rest from here on out, which will annoy me, but it would be so much worse to lose this baby. The midwife estimated from the blood on the bed to be half a cup.

So an adrenaline-filled morning, lots of blood to clean up (actually most is cleaned up already), and now for a day of me keeping my feet up and Cody doing some housecleaning. He is taking the day off, of course, and will be getting the place ready in case full-blown labor kicks off. I'm having some mild contractions, so we'll see.

Last night I had a dream where things started to go wrong, so that just added to the nerves for me. There was blood in my dream too.

For emergency situations, I won't be taking the time to get online, but in the car, I will have my iPhone, and so will be posting updates to my Twitter feed and/or Cody will be posting to his feed, which will both push to our Facebook accounts.


  1. Oh my God, that must have been so terrifying for you! I was scared just reading the title of your post! Bed rest is for the best sweetie, and it won't be long now before Charlotte joins you. I'm glad that everything turned out ok. Thank you for the twitter links. Sending you heaps of positive vibes! *hugs*

  2. love you sweetie - our hearts and prayers are with you guys! *hugs*

  3. Oh my gosh, my heart was racing as I clicked this post (the blurb on my Dashboard was very scary!) I'm glad to hear that things are ok, and that you are on bedrest. We are still thinking about and praying for you guys and for a safe delivery. I am following you both on Twitter now, just so I can keep abreast of what is going down. *big hugs*

  4. How scary for you. Here is hoping that you have no more scares like this. Hang in there.


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