Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She flipped!

The little booger did it! She'd been moving circular, more counterclockwise, like her head at 7 o'clock with her back toward 10 o'clock with her butt at 1 o'clock (her last confirmed positioning), just going CCW, but at some point over the weekend, she flipped vertically! Her butt is at 12, her back is at 3, and her head is DOWN! I'm having to wear a belly-binder right now, and the only type they had small enough is the post-maternity extra-small one, which is kind of funny. But we do NOT want her to travel in a circle again. She can flip her back to 9, but she needs to stay head-down. I'm also on bedrest to try keeping her as still as possible so she doesn't decide to squirm into a different position more comfortable for whatever it is I'm doing.

I'm so relieved to not have to have the hospital external-version. Not only would that have meant an IV, but I've heard they can be painful, and with my intestinal situation, could be potentially dangerous. So it was nice to see on the ultrasound that she's right about where she needs to be, just a tiny smidgen off, but labor contractions would correct that if she doesn't herself. Once she engages, she's stuck, and it's all good!

This means too that our home water birth is back as Plan A! We currently have this giant thing sitting in our closet all blown up ready to fill, and our bedroom has been rearranged and organized into a mini-birth center. We've got the baker's rack (no place in the kitchen for it, so we use it in here) set up with the birth supplies we needed to order and buy, before-birth and after-birth stuff, and just need to get a few more things in place in the bathroom, mainly just the towels we'll be using set aside.

We're also working out the logistics of a virtual video waiting-room for the friends and family who would like to be here, but can't be. Cody's looking into which streaming service would be best in terms of reliability and sound, so our far-away loved ones can see and talk with out loved ones here in the living room. This link won't be make public because I know some assholes stalking this blog would love nothing more than to try to cause hell and stress during my labor and delivery (a testament to how royally fucked up these people are), but if I otherwise know you or you're a regular person here who I know won't be a jerk, let me know where to send the link if you'd like it and we do end up doing this.

I'll definitely make a post when labor's started though, for obvious reasons, it'll be quick.

I am starving now, so off to grab something for lunch, then to lay down with a book!


  1. That is great news! Congratulations! You must be so pleased that your birth plan is back on track and you don't have to worry about going into hospital.

  2. I'm so happy for you that she has decded to cooperate! Now all you have left is the waiting. Shouldn't be too long now.


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