Thursday, November 26, 2009

So a few nights ago, Cody had an idea to start a foundation to help make midwifery and births outside of hospitals affordable options to women, to help fund when possible, and to help put women in contact with resources in their local areas. More emphasis would likely be put on the financial aspect of it. Many women desperately want home births or births in birth centers, already know the options and know exactly what they want, but insurance claiming to cover and then refusing to in the end (I am not the only one dealing with this), or not covering at all, and having to come up with a couple thousand or more, pretty much cancels this option eliminating any real choice in childbirth. "Get to a hospital where you belong, Woman."

Plans for this foundation, which we have been referring to as Mother's Choice Foundation (MFC), are on the very early stages, and we won't have much time to jump on it too much for a few months yet as we're, well, waiting for our own baby to be born any day now, which will take up plenty of time for now. It's obviously a long-term project, for lack of better word, as filing and gaining 501(c)3 status takes a while (I've helped another organization do so). While we'd like to make this something national, we also realize the need on even a local level to have the locations for options available in the first place.

So it excited me to just now find The Birth Action Coalition. I haven't had much time yet to look through the site in any great depth, but do know that, in our area, most non-hospital birthing facilities have been put under by the state. There are startlingly few midwives and birth centers here. And the local hospitals refuse VBACs and such regularly, allowing only c-sections for these women and many others (I would be among them). SO anything that helps change this, even at a local level, is awesome in my book.

I also found Choices in Childbirth, an organization dedicated to providing information about the different birth options out there. While it doesn't help with the financial aspect of things, it takes the step of providing information. The default for childbirth shouldn't be rushing off to an OB/GYN and then doing whatever they say without question. People put more research into options for a car than options for childbirth, and really, this is largely because many women don't know that there truly are other options. Out-of-hospital births are still against the mainstream, foreign, very odd, because so little is generally known about them by most people. What information is known tends to be incorrect, such as "home births are dangerous." No more so than a hospital birth, and various studies are showing home births to have a lower mortality rate.

I could go on all night about this, but probably should get to sleep soon. I've got to be up early to get Chuck in the oven. Or, uh, well, have Cody do it anyway. I'm not supposed to be lifting anything over a few pounds right now. I'm using all my willpower to not go devour all the pickled and olives right now.


  1. Aria, you are a legend! What a completely brilliant idea. I think educating women about their choices is a big step forward in our society. I hope that your plans come to fruition. :)

  2. Credit goes to Cody. :) The entire thing, even the name, was his idea! Of course we want their to be support for fathers, but ultimately HOW and WHERE to give birth is going to be the mother's choice because her comfort is most important in ensuring a safe birth. Through all we've been going through, he's been witnessing how the industry treats women as nothing more than incubators without taking into account our physical safety, no balance, who cares if we die "as long as the baby is healthy." It's really hit him that the insurance company doesn't care if I die as long as they have their way and I subject myself to being cut open. He doesn't want to lose me. And then it hit him that countless other mothers and fathers go through the same thing, only don't have access to information or have the financial ability to even get a foot in the door, so have to go have forced c-sections with all the complications.

    So credit where it's due, and it was 100% his idea. That's a great guy, I tell you.

    We're an odd couple in a way. He gets the idea for this, and I'm a fathers' rights advocate (on the board of directors too)!


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