Sunday, November 15, 2009

Still waiting...

Do you remember that sound the old Kirby toys used to make when they were bored? doot-doot-DOOO, doot-doot-DOOO. Yeah, I'm bored.

I'm crocheting a little afghan, and today make Cody some flannel pajama bottoms and started on making me a nursing gown, but I need narrow elastic to do any more. Not so easy to sew when I have to keep straight upright.

It feels like her back is again on my right side, but her head still feels down judging by her hiccups earlier today.

She's just chilling out in there. This is an unusually long pregnancy for women with my uterine condition. To think, the original OB wanted a c-section much earlier than this! It's only by having a midwife that out little girl is still a little internal parasite. :)

As soon as I go into labor, I'll be posting here, among other places.


  1. That is great that you are crocheting! Are you planning on crocheting anything for Charlotte? When exactly are you due, or expecting Charlotte to join you?

  2. Oh good on the handwork, much easier to go that semi laying down than sewing. Every day that she stays in there makes her just a little bigger. I'd like to see her be at least 5#! Did they tell you at the last ultrasound how big she was?

  3. I'm making her a little square afghan. :) My 40-week due date would be December 2nd. However I have a uterine abnormality that makes it uncommon to go past 36 or 37 weeks. I'm pushing 38, so we're expecting any day now. Her hanging out so long is against the odds, but it's okay.

    Christina, I'll make a post about that really quick!

  4. That is so great that you are crocheting for her. Can you post photo's of it when you are done? What colour and type of yarn are you using. I have to know because I am a huge knitter. Never not knitting, that's my motto. :)

    Have you heard of Ravelry? It is a knitting and crochet community that has forums, a pattern database and a projects page where you can upload pictures of what you have been working on and share them with your friends and groups. It is awesome!

    Wow, that time has gone by really fast! I knew about your bicornuate uterus, you did a post about it a while ago, complete with cool pictures. So she is due any day now, exciting. I am eagerly awaiting your labour post. Good luck Aria!


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