Sunday, November 22, 2009


Why does it not surprise me that United is pulling yet more bull shit with us? It's gone on long enough that I'm speaking with an insurance attorney tomorrow. We've been given nothing but the run-around and lies for months on end now and only now is it becoming clear that they did mislead/outright lie to us, and now are in a position where, to get them to pay, we have to sue, but in the meantime, our midwife still needs to be paid, and by god she's going to. Karni's been nothing short of amazing in every way. Unfortunately we don't have that much cash, so Cody's set up a fund on his blog.

I really don't know how to begin expressing how pissed I am that we're paying premiums for a service that's supposed to be covered (midwives for homebirths), only to find out NOW that they have a secret back-end policy canceling it out, and we've managed to get proof. If we weren't paying premiums and were instead putting that money into savings and paying for everything ourselves, we'd actually be coming out ahead. So...why are we paying for insurance? When all it's doing is putting us in dire straights since the money we could be using for our own medical care instead is going to lining the pockets of some selfish CEOs somewhere, leaving us to scramble to come up with more money? As soon as this baby is born, we're canceling coverage and will get Charlotte her own private plan through another company.

Cody also has a wonderful idea regarding information and accessibility for midwifery for others. This will have to wait until things are settled for us, but still. I'll get into it later. Lots of details to work out on it, and then we'll also need to do a buttload of paperwork to file as a 501(c)1 (non-profit), get a board in place...basically a long-term thing and we both feel strongly about it. Women shouldn't be forced into hospitals, as United is trying to do with me right now, because the can't afford to get a foot in the door with a midwife. This is where we want to help.

And no, no birth yet, obviously. I PROMISE there will be an update here. Also I'll update my Twitter feed, or Cody will update his Twitter feed. We're both kind of attached to our iPhones, so without a doubt, his Twitter feed will be updated. Mine most likely, here definitely.

I am beyond impatient now. What gives? I wasn't supposed too go past 34/35 weeks, and here I am, 38 weeks and 4 days. The kicks keep me up at night and make me nauseated. Charlotte's welcome to come out aaaaaanny time now.

Oh, and last Tuesday night Cody was able to hear her heartbeat with his ear against my tummy. It was not my heartbeat he heard. He checked mine against hers. It made him tear up a bit. So sweet.

It's so odd how this feels, when she squirms in such a way that I can feel her head rubbing against my cervix. (Oh, quit whining about how that's TMI - it's pregnancy and birth stuff and no one's making anyone read a blog that started with the purpose of documenting a pregnancy!) It's kind of like a balloon, I guess. I feel like I'm being inflated in an odd way. Oh, and getting my butt kicked from the inside. It's weird and cool at the same time, but I'm so ready for her to come out now.


  1. I am furious for you, I cannot believe that your insurance company is screwing you around like this!!!! Seriously, how dare they!? This stress is not what you need in the last weeks of your pregnancy. Seriously, how dare they?! I hope that things go well in court and that you win.

    I love your wonderful idea regarding information and accessibility for midwifery for others. Women should not be forced to labour in hospital at the mercy of doctors who put you on a timeline. There should be a choice. There should be more midwives available for homebirths, which is much nicer than the alternative.

    I cannot wait to see your labour post, it shouldn't be long now. Trust me, she will come out when she is ready. Remember, 38-42 weeks is completely normal (although hopefully it won't be as long as 42 weeks). What does your midwife have to say about it? Is she still head down? Is everything still right on track for your homebirth? Have you got all of your supplies? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just so excited for you! :)

  2. Thanks. It's insane they're doing this. Before calling the insurance attorney tomorrow, I'll be calling the insurance company and inquiring about services but not as a customer. I'm willing to bet I'll be told again that midwifery for homebirths and birth centers are covered and with no caveats mentioned. This is bull shit. All of it. It's got me so stressed I can't stand it.

    You said midwifery is more common in Australia, right? Are there very many midwives, or do they just take on more clients? The US is so hostile to midwives.

    Oh yes, Charlotte's still head-down. :) For bicornuates, babies usually come by 34/35 weeks, so I've gone past expectation. :) On my mom's side, babies have tended to be born shortly before 40 weeks. I was due on my mom's birthday and born one week earlier! 42 weeks...holy cow! I'd go nuts!

    Yep, all supplies are currently set up waiting to go. Pool's blown up and in the closet. I just feel really bad at the thought of using Karni's services without any clear idea when we can pay her since it's obvious at this point United won't without being taken to court. :(

    You're welcome to ask all the questions you want! You've been along the entire time even before IVF started. So ask anything you wish! :D


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