Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update, pictures, an Apple a day, why the post office sucks, and Ft. Hood

I've been going to the chiropractor every single day for Webster's breech technique, have had one attempted external version, another tomorrow, a third on Monday if tomorrow doesn't work, as well as accupressure and everything else under the sun. As of yesterday, still Charlotte wasn't head-down. Last night, however, there was a TON of movement, as well as today. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, this means she's turning. Otherwise watching Ghostbusters II and Coming to America while upside down on an ironing board was for naught.

Yeah, an ironing board. Laying with the torso at an incline, pelvis higher than head, can help move the baby out of the pelvis so there's more room to move, and propping an ironing board on the couch and laying on that is more comfy than pillows. Also I get foot rubs when upside down. WIN.

I am fighting against a c-section if she's breech. If she's transverse, I'm not completely against at least seeing what would happen in labor, if contractions might move her into a deliverable position. Since midwives can't attend breech births, and the doctor here who is in favor of breech vaginal deliveries has one more strike before he's lost hospital privileges (yeah, he might be kicked out because he supports breech deliveries and VBACs and refuses to force women into c-sections or to try coercing them to appease the hospital), we may go it unassisted right here at home.

Honestly I feel safer and more relaxed at the idea of a breech birth at home, even unassisted, than in a hospital where they'll try to drug me up and force me to submit to a surgery that has a 50% chance of killing me (why can't my intestine be behind my uterus instead of adhered to the front?!). I don't like to take even Tylenol, let alone very strong drugs that will flow to the baby and then be cut open. C-sections have their time and place, but just being breech isn't one of them. FFS, there's not a whole lot of difference in the end which direction the baby comes out. Babies fit, period.

Of course, if she gets herself head down again, all's good.

Oh, and some pictures since it's been a few weeks. As you can probably tell, I'm not so happy right now.

Cody's going to be taking a few weeks off after the baby's born. They're hoping to have the head count soon for a new Genius position, and then he's got it. They've got someone he'll be training for his admin position. Handy, since they'll need one while he's gone and there's only one per location. So when they do get the count to add the position, which they're expecting this month or next, then he gets to go back to his old position with higher pay and everything. That's a certainty at this point!

So I mailed a dress the 26th. As of still right now, it hasn't arrived. Obviously it should have. So I went to the post office day before yesterday and asked about it and they said they'd look into it and get back to me. The receipt shows when it was sent, and their own system shows stuff going on there with it the 26th, and nothing since then. Last evening I got a call back that they found it. In their building. And would get it sent out right away. Well they damned well better get it out right away! Bastards should have upgraded it to overnight for losing it for over a week. I'm not going to that particular post office again. There's one a mile or so further that has been reliable.

Also, I just heard about the shootings at Ft. Hood. I'm taking probably what will be an unpopular stance on it. I can't make myself call that guy a bad guy yet, despite killing a dozen people (so far) and injuring dozens more. I'd like to know how much time he's spent stationed overseas, how much he's been through on behalf of the military, how much trauma he may has suffered. Sadly it's become pretty well-known that our government doesn't always take the best of care of our soldiers, especially their mental health. For all we know, he's been so desensitized to death that the line between right and wrong has blurred to not existing. He might not be another Timothy McVeigh, a clear-thinking military individual (I think McVeigh was out of the military, but still) who was trying to make some sort of point. There is still a lot to be discovered about what happened and what the motivation was.

I also hope Major Hasan's family isn't forgotten in all of this. They're also lost a loved one. Though he pulled the trigger, they did nothing, yet lost someone they love too. (Update: The Army has recanted and confirmed he's alive.) It's an all-around sucky situation, and Obama was right when he said,

It's difficult enough when we lose these brave Americans in battles overseas.

It is horrifying that they should come under fire at an Army base on American soil.

It sucks that innocent Americans have been killed, it's sucks that innocent Iraqis have been killed. To bad we'll never see a world where people don't kill each other.


  1. Shut up about Ft. Hood. You've never been in the military and will never even understand one inkling what's it's like to be over there.

  2. You're right I'm wrong. It's not hard at all to be in the military. How could I have been so misguided as to think that being in the military is often very hard, and that deployment can be traumatic, what with living in a war zone far from the safety and comfort of home with one's family? But you're right, I know nothing because I've never been over there, and it's all actually just a walk in the part.

    I guess I should probably tell the people I've known who've been in wars from Korea to Vietnam to our current war that they don't know what they're talking about when they talk about the trauma they live with, and the flashbacks, because it had to have been easy, because I am wrong about it being hard because I personally haven't been there. My bad.

    So. Tell us about YOUR time over there, about how easy and fun it all must have been!

  3. I am from a military family. The ft Hood attack was done by someone who has never been out of the country ever. He spent the last 20 years stationed at Walter Reed Hospital and made the move to Ft Hood early last year. Unfortunately the word coming out of the base is that this was a domestic terror attack by someone ye;lling "Allah AKBAR" take that info as you want but that is what the some 200+ witnesses have said.So far our government doesn't seem to want to call it a terrorist attack as it should be called.

  4. Incase you are interested in reading about what I said:

  5. For what it's worth, Hasan had not been deployed overseas. He was a psychiatrist who counseled returning veterans. He was on the hook to go to Afghanistan soon, and had a lawyer trying to get him out of that. He had received a negative review at Walter Reed for proselytizing on duty - trying to convert his patients, among others, to his religion.

    As you say, he might have been trying to make a point, as McVeigh was. McVeigh was still executed, though.


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