Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Three of my friends gave birth today.


So congrats to Dawn on the birth of her son, Jacob, at 8:06am pst, Latavia on the birth of her daughter, Anya, at 2:53pm est, and Angel on the birth of her baby, stats/time unknown!!

Only now I'm feeling very discouraged. I am at 40 weeks, not by estimation either. We know exact dates thanks to having had IVF. Charlotte is still content to stay in there, and I've got an NST (test to make sure the baby's not stressed) scheduled for next Wednesday if she's not here by then.

We actually got a tree today, a 7' noble fir. It's decorated, and sheesh, I forgot how long our light strands are. We kept having to wrap unwrap, and rewrap then, to fit them all on. They must be 1,000-light strands or something. I'll get some pictures as soon as I find the digital camera. Also I found a box in the garage with a ceramic Christmas train set y grandma made years ago, as well as these "Dueling Banjo Bears" my dad used to get a kick out of, a carousel, and a bunch of other holiday stuff I'd forgotten about. Somewhere, I think in my sewing room, I've got the nativity set Grandma made years and years back. The wood manger my dad made is in the garage. Need to decide where to put that. Even though we're not Christian in this household, it's still tradition to have it out, so out it goes.

Cody had a pre-op today. He's having his tonsils out next Thursday. He'll be hating the world for a few days. It's the first time in his life he'll actually be having something medical done. He's had just a couple blood draws in his life aside from regularly donating blood. He's never had an IV or anything else, so this is a new experience for him, and, understandably, he's a bit nervous. But he'll be okay.

We also got fabrics today for a couple toddler regency dresses for someone who already bought a little navy dress. Getting started on that will help occupy my time tomorrow, washing the fabrics (cotton broadcloth is so easy to care for, and I think my favorite cotton fabric) and starting the pattern-drafting. Maybe if I stop thinking about my own little girl for once, she'll get jealous and decide to come out and distract me. Eh, I know, that's not how it works, but I'm trying to amuse myself.

Also Apple said they're going to make United pay. Our complaints aren't isolated. They've been getting enough complaints to finally notice, and I guess we're the ones who finally tipped the scale with the extent of what we have documented. So Apple's taking action and we have it in black and white that they're going to force United to pay for the midwives they've been denying. Who knows how long it'll take to get United to actually do it, but it's something for someone much higher up in Apple to be doing something, and to even contact us directly to let us personally know.

I'm just so discouraged. If she goes another two weeks, I can't have a midwife-assisted delivery, and it has to be at the hospital by law unless we go it unassisted altogether. A hospital-delivery just is not the safest option for me as it would mean I'd be forced into a c-section. Have to be at the hospital unless it's unassisted, but the hospitals here won't admit me without my consenting to be cut open. So two polar opposites. Please, Baby, be born. Please let labor start tonight.... I'm getting so desperate.

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