Monday, January 25, 2010

*happy dance*

We got W-2s!! I get excited over tax-time. I itemize the hell out of taxes. Can I give a plug to TurboTax? That program walks you through everything and holds your hand, then checks for errors and potential audit-trippers, and then files for you How many people know that you can deduct either sales tax or state and local taxes from your federal return? Yup. It's awesome.

We're getting back almost 3x what we were expecting. Wow, babies are worth a LOT on taxes. Kind of sad that she's worth the same on taxes as a baby born the 1st of January that the parents had to pay for all year. But them's the breaks, and I'm not going to not claim her what with all the medical expenses (also worth something as write-offs) that we had last year. Insurance only covered a third of the IVF stuff by all was said and done. That Follistim was $270 per vial, and a dose per vial. So yes, we're writing her off, writing everything off. Don't tell me you wouldn't do the same.

Part's going into savings, part's going to a second car. We're looking at getting a BMW, paying in full. Homey don't do debt.

I loved my BMW and would really love another one. My stupid fault forgetting the serpentine belt needing replacing until it snapped and I tried hobbling the car home, warping the head in the process. Ouch...bye-bye to the engine and car. A 4dr vehicle would e nice again, a lot easier to get the carseat into and out of than a 2dr. We love the convertible, but I'd feel safer driving Charlotte in a hard-top car. We'll probably sell the convertible (anyone want a Sebring?) and put that money toward a small SUV that can also fit the dogs since we love taking them places with us.

Regardless, half the refund is being saved, and what car we'll get exactly will depend on what we can do on the other half, and the car after will depend on what we get for the Sebring plus whatever cash we have left at the end of each month after rent, bills, etc.. I really hate debt and refuse to use it.

I'm so relieved to finally be in a better position than we were in August and September when things were so tight that we weren't sure how to go about making sure we had enough to eat (I'm still bitter about Cody's old managers fucking us over as hard as they did). It's nice not worrying so much (I'll worry no matter what), and actually having money in savings, even before this. With how much more will be coming in every month now, 20% more, that will ALL be going into savings, as well as all money made from sewing (just got another wedding gown order for a bride currently in Israel). I can't wait ti be moved and have my sewing room back together. I've got two dresses I will have done by the middle of February (well, I'll make sure it's not too early since they're dresses for a little girl for spring), and then start the mock-up of the corset for the wedding gown. Plenty of time. Baby-grandma wll probably be over daily to give me a bit of a reprieve too.

Life's definitely getting better and lighter. This tax stuff just helps.


  1. I LOVE turbo tax! We're getting back a ton this year only because we get the 8k housing credit and we can deduct all the sales tax we paid on Joeys new car. I just got a thing in my email that capital one users get 25% off turbo tax too. So I dunno if you have any capital one accounts but it its something extra!

  2. Nope, no credit accounts. :) We live debt-free and don't want to change that. I know, I know, need credit to buy big things, but I strongly oppose how all a credit score is is a measure of how much reliable interest can be made off of you. If anything, those who don't need or use credit should be the most desirable since we're least likely to default by living within their means. But oh no, we're bad risks because we live within our means and wouldn't use any credit. Stupid credit games. My goal, a pipe-dream, would be to buy a house in full back East at some point rather than on credit. We're power-saving this year hoping to have at least 25% of the cost of a house out there. I hate the feeling of owing anyone anything.


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