Friday, January 8, 2010

I can't think of a title, so this is the title

I've got a beautiful little girl sleeping next to me and some dress-order inquiries that could be rather lucrative, though first up post-move s some little girl regency dresses. Charlotte will be getting one too that will fit her this spring. An order for another little girl's lead me to finding some absolutely adorable ribbon.

My oldest friend, as in the friend I've had the longest not oldest in age, had her baby yesterday naturally 3 days past her due date, and one of my cousins was supposed to have her baby today via c-section a few weeks early, but things improved, so they're waiting, and this makes me very happy. Baby was transverse, but it sounds like she's now head-down, which can be challenging for women with bicornuate uteri. Look at what Charlotte did! Flip-flopping everywhichway until the 39th week. Most women with this condition just have c-sections early to get it out of the way. But wait. Just wait. A baby may go head-down, and better to have the much shorter recovery of a more painful vaginal delivery than the months-long recovery of a c-section, and better for the baby too!

I do hope we have another. We'll be perfectly happy if Charlotte is the one child we have, but we'd both welcome another. If we have another, that one would be a spontaneous conception, no IVF cycle #4 planned. And yes, it would be another natural home birth in the water, though hopefully that one wouldn't be another face-presentation! A c-section would be a higher chance. But I would only have a c-section if a baby was transverse or mal-presenting in a way other than breech or some direction of head-down.

I might be posing for some Target and Babies R Us ads for some sort of strap used when discretely breast-feeding. I'm the type though who will walk through the mall baring all when nursing, no blanket or anything. See, I have this idea that by treating breast-feeding as the normal, natural thing it is, that more people will come to see it that way. It's when it's treated as something unnatural and wrong that more people jump on the bandwagon and don't want to risk standing out. And anyone who doesn't want to see it can look in another direction. I'll only cover at a dinner table, like when we went to dinner with Cody's dad on Tuesday (in a case like that, it's not so easy as "just look away"), when it's cold outside, or when there's too much going on that would distract Charlotte at a time when she needs to eat. So I don't know if I'm really compromising my morals by posing for this product or not. I'm planning to do it anyway since I can see some times (cold weather, etc.) when I might use it myself. Now f I'd never, under any circumstances, use it, then no, I wouldn't.

Ugh, wisdom teeth coming out tomorrow. I've got milk pumped in case I decide life sucks and I have to take come Vicodin. I'd just pump while taking Vicodin and toss that milk. Hopefully it won't be so bad. I'm not looking forward to it. Especially after not feeling well today, though poor Cody was down wit a fever from last night through today and had to call in to work.


  1. I hope your's came out easier than mine did! I was about your age (28) and was down for about 4 days afterwards. They said it would take 1/2 hour for all 4 to come out....4 hours alter they were still working at it. I was so sore I could barely talk and eating was very hard.

  2. Don't you guys still have some embryos frozen? Forgive me, I don't know much about IVF...but can't you still try with your frozen ones, years later?

  3. Christina, they all came out in 14 or so minutes. I posted to Twitter that I had just gotten the local, and 14 minutes later, according to the time stamp, I was walking out the door posting that I was out. Now the anesthesia as worn off though and I'm not too happy. :(

    Julia, we have seven more. It too a bit of soul-searching to decide whether or not to use them and we decided we have been blessed with our one girl, that a second would be spontaneously conceived, if that happens and the seven, though this was a hard decision, will be donated so that hopefully other couples in our position can be so lucky as we are.

    I believe the longest between freezing and a birth has been 22 years. Might have been 21 Either way, a VERY long time.


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