Thursday, January 7, 2010

LALALA, I can't hear the buzz of busy-ness!!

We are officially moving again. AGAIN!! Hello, Santa Barbara!! This time it's to a house a few blocks from the beach. It fell into our laps. Cody's mom ran into an old friend who mentioned she'd remarried since they last saw each other, Cody's mom mentioned we had a new baby and were looking for a house that allowed dogs nearer to where she and other family are (even though we're not too far as it is, we'd like to live closer), and lo and behold, Kathy's husband had inherited a house a few months ago they were going to rent. It's got three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a good-sized yard, 16 fruit-bearing avocado trees (simply planting a pit actually will not make an avocado tree that grows avocados, tricky buggers), the most incredible stone fireplace and indoor wood bbq. We can paint and do whatever the hell we want with the place. And it costs slightly less than we're paying for this apartment. We'll even have a garden!

We move first weekend in February. I hate the process of moving with a passion and always feel depressed for a month or two after moving because I have to get used to a new place. For a while, I don't feel at home, and I don't feel comfortable. This is why I severely dislike traveling at all. My grandparents' old house and Cody's mom's house are the two places that come to mind where I feel comfortable enough sleeping without getting a migraine. I'm somewhat agoraphobic most comfortable at home, can suck it up to be in public for a while, but too long and I get anxiety. Moving is like this.

We may also have a venue for our wedding reception. It's a gorgeous restaurant (I won't share the name or city right now to block you stalkers who are addicted to my life from crashing my day) that Cody's dad built. The lighting is all soft blue and purple, no harsh white, and it's set up in a way that makes me think of jazz. There's a lot of 30's inspiration there, and the crab cakes are to die for. We had dinner there with Cody's dad, his dad's girlfriend, and the owner of the place. Helps that Cody's dad and the owner are really good friends.

A funny moment was when Doug requested two shots of Don Julio Real for him and Cody (this stuff is $50 per shot), and Dave, the owner, told the waiter to just bring the entire bottle. When that stuff finally hit Cody, he pulled his keys out of his pocket and silently handed them to me. Get Cody and Doug tipsy and it's the most hilarious thing.

It was tons of fun getting dressed up, having excellent food and wine (I had a teeny tiny glass of some amazing cab, best kind on the wine menu), with even better company.

It would be amazingly perfect having our wedding there. We'd been talking about something 30's/40's inspired, down to lots of blue, kind of artsy, elegant, and this place may as well have been custom-built for it.

I'm also stuck in a dental nightmare. When you're deathly ill, teeth-care falls by the wayside, so yeah, I got some cavities. Let me list this out:

-Last Tuesday I went in to have fillings done on my right side (and I had to be renumbed EIGHT times since it kept wearing off).

-Wednesday the ones for my left. All composite rather than that mercury stuff. On Wednesday the dentist noticed that the metal stuff was used on my right side instead of composite, so I had to go back in to have them redone. Of course this didn't make me happy, but what could I do.

-A couple of the teeth on my left side still hurt, so I went back in Thursday to find out that the fillings were too high and had to be polished down. Not that it helped. Those two teeth still hurt.

-I went in on this past Monday to have the right side redone, and the dentist got my cheek with the drill. Joy of joys, I got stitches. And they hurt like a motherfucking bitch, and that doesn't begin to cover it. I'd have been downing Vicodin and vodka if I weren't nursing it hurt that bad and I didn't even request Tylenol after birth. I'm pretty pissed that I got injured when they were repairing their own mistake from a few days earlier. Redoing fillings like this, drilling out old ones to put in new ones weakens the integrity of the remaining tooth. Also since then, I'd have a weird feeling in my lower lip that started when I got the numbing stuff. I think they got a nerve.

-One of the fillings on my right side isn't there anymore, so it's back in this afternoon to have it redone, and I've got to make them do something about those two on my left side that still hurt. One of the painful ones is a bicuspid, so I can't even bit into anything right now without sharp pain.

-Presuming nothing else goes wrong, I'm getting my wisdom teeth all removed on Saturday by the oral surgeon.

If I was sue-happy, I'd be suing for error on top of error that has caused me a lot of pain, and still has me in pain. Wrong filling material, getting me with the drill, filling coming out, etc.. And each time I have to go in it takes time and money, and with the hours Cody works and the dentist's office hours, I have to have his mom drive to Oxnard to watch Charlotte while I'm in the back. So this is a lot of inconvenience on top of pain. I can hardly eat right now either.

Of course Cody lucked out, and the fillings he got all went without a hitch, no errors by the dentist or anything.

I've got several bottles of milk pumped (I can't speak highly enough about the Medela Advanced double-pump) so that I can take Vicodin or whatever I may need on Saturday without Charlotte having to have contaminated milk or formula. I'll jump pump that day and throw out the narcotic-milk.

I'm exhausted just thinking about everything to do in the next few weeks. Thank the gods that we have a ton of moving help. It's not like I'll be moving anything myself, what with someone needing to stay with Charlotte, and who better than her food, I mean, her mom, but it will be a lot quicker with more bodies moving stuff. We can also get into the house earlier to paint and do whatever we want, so we may move a few things earlier just to that, the night of the move, we don't have to worry about rushing to get necessities unpacked and can just enjoy the bbq we're having that night with everyone who is there.


  1. Wow, you are moving again already? I hope that you move goes smoothly with Charlotte, and I hope that you settle into your lovely new home without any hassles. It sounds divine, you are quite lucky to be renting such a lovely place. Do you have a move date planned just yet? Do you have any photo's of your new place yet?

    I hope that your next trip to the dentist is trouble and pain free!

  2. Yup. Tired of moving. But this time it's not to another compartment in a building of other people who've also set down temporarily.

    We're moving first weekend in February, and already have the lease signed. We're definitely lucky with this place. The deposit is also being spread over about eight months!


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