Thursday, January 14, 2010

A lil'bit of everything!

Yesterday my cousin was induced, and ended up in an emergency c-section. With each contraction the baby's heart stopped. Not so good. But all ended up fine. :) I'm so thrilled for Amanda I can't stand it.

So there are not 10 in this generation of babies. Hard to believe I'm the oldest grandchild and my baby is the ninth great-grandchild. Makes me feel kind of old. but I'm thrilled Amanda's baby has an obscure Star Wars name. Heh, out dog, Luthien, has an obscure Lord of the Rings name. Geek-love!!

So here is little Alema, weighing in at 6lb13oz and 21"!

(I specifically asked Amanda if I could post Alema's picture to my blog, and she gave permission - I won't post pics of other people's kids that aren't already publicly posted without permission.)

I'm going to make Alema a dress, though not newborn size. Everyone under the sun buys babies newborn and 0-3mo stuff. How do I know? I was gifted so much newborn and 0-3 stuff that Charlotte outgrew the newborn sizes without getting to wear everything even once, and is on the way to doing the same thing with the 0-3mo. She can still wear a few things that don't have feet, but anything footed, and even some other things, she just can't wear anymore. So something purple, and probably for closer to a year. And a stocking. In purple for both, since that's Amanda's favorite color (mine too, woot!). Purple velvet for the stocking with rabbit fur trim, maybe purple velvet for the dress too, I haven't decided. So a couple more things to add to my agenda, which can be seen here.

We've decided we're going to Disneyland for Charlotte's 3rd-month birthday...if we can find one other person (or more!) to go with us. Even if we can't, we may still go. An awesome thing about living in Southern California is that the cost of yearly passes s broken down into 12 monthly payments, so as little as $8 a month, which is pretty damned awesome, especially considering Disneyland is something like 45 minutes away. Charlotte needs to meet Mickey and all of the Disney characters, or at least people dressed like them. :)

Monday Charlotte and I modeled for the strap-thing I mentioned. Modeling doesn't equal a guarantee of being in ads, but still, it was fun. She's very photogenic.

Yesterday I picked out my glasses. They're just for driving. There's a range where things are slightly blurry, before and after which my vision is sharp. It's odd. So I'll be a four-eyes again for a while. Haven't been since I was in sixth grade. I'll have to get pictures, if I ever get around to it. I still need to get pictures of my hair. Last week I had it done, so now it's shorter. First time in almost three full years I've let scissors near my hair.

Last night I had a consultation wit a couple getting married in July regarding her wedding dress. I'm about 95% certain I've got the order. I love making wedding dresses so much! This one would be a combination of two dresses from the film version of Phantom of the Opera. I hate that film with a passion and am squicked that they cast a teenager in the role of Christine having her be rather intimate with an almost-middle-aged man (if they weren't on a set, that would be illegal), and the acting sucked, and the singing left much to be desired, but the costumes were beautiful. Now the stage version of Phantom I love, have seen multiple times, and have listened to the soundtrack enough times to have every single line in the entire thing memorized.

I'm getting off topic in a post that pretty much has no topic. Anyway this may bring my total of wedding dresses this year to three. I love sewing, and I love sewing things for special events even more, and I love sewing for weddings most of all! It's such an honor to sew or what is planned to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, to have something I made take such an important role in that day. It's a wonderful feeling.

Also am I the only one bothered that this country supposedly can't spare any money to make sure all our citizens have access to basic health care, yet we can spare at least $100mil to send to Haiti? What really burns me is how many people here in the US can't afford to see a doctor, yet have to pay taxes so other people can. I can't stand forcing people to pay for others to have the basics they can't even afford for themselves. I'm still pretty pissed that the public option was struck down. Anyone who says it would drive up costs in the private sector is parroting right-wing agenda. A lower-priced option would force the private sector to lower costs to compete, and force hospitals to lower some of its insane rates. I still remember a hospital bill of mine from 2000 showing the price of a Tylenol, a regular ol' Tylenol, at $7. So...$7,000 for a bottle of 100 Tylenol. I understand there are costs for paying the nurses who administer it and other hospital overhead, but $7,000 is what a bottle of Tylenol costs? No frakking way.

Oh, and Pat Robertson is an f'ing moron. Yeah, Haiti really had a pact with Satan earning them this earthquake just like Fred Phelps' claim that "god hates fags".

Sometimes I hate people, but them I think about Cody's hugs and Charlotte's toothless grins, and all's somehow right in my world again. You know, if I could wave a magic wand and made it so that Charlotte never had to experience anything bad or see anything awful in the world, I wouldn't do it. It's impossible to appreciate what one has if one doesn't have the opposite experiences and observations for comparison. Nick taught me that, and he is right.

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