Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wisdom teeth

There went all my wisdom! At least it was quick. The oral surgeon started out with 11 vials of anesthetic since that stuff wears off fast. To get the top two, the two broken to the gum line, there was this weird curved tool that had to be jabbed under my gum to get them out. The bottom ones were easier, like shaking them loose and pulling them out. Pretty much brute strength, and for this reason, I'd recommend a male doc. Before getting in a tizzy, it's a physiological fact that men tend to have more upper body strength than women, and when it comes to something like this, I don't care what sounds sexist as long as it benefits me in this way. Hell, I posted to Twitter that I got the anesthetic, while I was waiting a few minutes for it to take full effect. Just 14 minutes later, by the time stamp, I was walking out the door finished.

Fast forward a couple hours and the anesthetic wore off. OUCH. I didn't even feel tempted to take Tylenol post-birth, but I downed two Vicodin. Then threw up. So it halfway counts. I have milk pumped and stored in the freezer, so we gave Lottie that milk.

And I'll be hating life soon. The damned clots aren't in the bottom holes and I saw something white (bone?), so hello, dry sockets. *whines*

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