Monday, January 4, 2010

Wow, I've been BUSY

Things just haven't slowed down. I can't even get to my e-mail every few days reliably right now!!

Charlotte had her first Christmas, of course. The tree is still up and she is fascinated by it. Her grandpa brought her her daddy's first guitar. Grandpa got it cleaned up, restrung, entirely restored. This was awesome.

When she was born, she fit preemie things. When she was 18 days, our midwife measured her at 21 1/2" and 8lb4oz, meaning 2" and 12 ounces gained! She's now laying beside me in a romper that's 3-6mo. Long little thing! Though she still fits some of her 0-3mo sleepers and onesies, the longer ones.

She's developing fast. She's been lifting her head for weeks and is turning it side to side to look at stuff already. Call her name or make a sound and she'll look at you. Everything around her interests her. She's pushing herself up on her arms momentarily and can halfway roll over. Sometimes she tries "talking" and will imitate simple sounds and facial expressions. She'll grab things and take them to her mouth. Maybe development isn't fast and time is what's going fast. I just want time to halt for a while.

She's almost big around in the tummy to fit her Bun Genius diapers. Right now she's still wearing Seventh Generation disposables (chlorine-free, biodegradable!). She hates being wet with a passion. As soon as she even starts to pee, she screams for changing. She did this when we had her in Pampers too. Hopefully this means she'll be easy to toilet-train. I was day-trained at 11 months.

She's got quite an appetite sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time. But fenugreek in both caplet form and tea helps tremendously. And the Medela Advanced pump is a godsend.

So far she has her daddy's curly hair and the dip in his tongue. She's got my lips, chin, ears, nose, and long toes. She's got both of our long fingers and blue eyes. We can't tell whose eye shape she has yet. But I think she's going to have the stubbornness from my dad's side of the family. As we are insanely stubborn, I don't consider this to be a very good thing. Hopefully she'll turn around and get her daddy's easy-going temperament instead.

Nicely, I'm back in my pre-pregnancy clothes and have been since immediately after birth. I've gained a few pounds since then though. But nothing too bad.

Cody's back at work now, which sucks. But it has to be done.

Our household income just went up 20% post-tax, so we're moving. A Santa Barbara house not even a mile from the beach fell into our laps. And it's slightly less in cost as this apartment. And had 16 fruit-bearing avocado trees!! Cody's mom ran into an old friend at the store, and in catching up, mentioned us wanting to move. Said-friend's husband just inherited a house. I saw it yesterday, and am 95% certain we'll be moving first weekend in February. Finally the girls will have a yard to run in! And we can do anything to the house we want, so we're going to paint! I'll be sad about leaving this place only because Charlotte was born here and I always have a hard time adjusting to a new place and get depressed. Since I'm already fighting against postpartum depression, this sucks. But hey, I don't have to move stuff!

I've had some dress-inquiries I've hard to turn down due to time, ones I would have loved, but just not enough time. I've got a couple for the next couple months to work on right now, and this will be enough.

All in all, things are looking up!

Here's a picture of our little Lottie taken the 29th:

More update will be posted as soon as I have time!!


  1. Avocado trees? Wow I'd love that. I think you will love having the privacy of a home that someone else isn't on the other side of the wall, over you, or under you. She is growing too fast and I don't think that ever really stops. You can always cut the feet out of the sleeper that are too short for her if they still fit around. Just add some ribbing.

  2. OMG so jealous of the avocado trees! I'm a total slut for avocados and they're pricey here on the East Coast! I think she totally has Cody's eyes :)

  3. Oh my god, I remember the avocado prices on the east coast from living in Massachusetts! Even in the San Francisco area, they're expensive. Here they practically throw them at you half the time. Try three large ones for a buck, or ten or a buck at one of the many permanent roadside fruit stands. I can't believe I'll be able to just walk into my own back yard and pick them now for free!

    Christina, we have so many sleepers in all sizes from preemie to 2T that it's ridiculous. She's worn the same thing twice only a couple times, and only because I really liked those outfits. Changing her a couple times a day simply so she gets to wear the cutest things still leaves out literally about 5x more. Of the stuff she's already outgrown, she only ever had on less than 20% of it. So no modding things needed! Though I might cut the feet off of one of my favorite sleepers so she can still wear that..


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