Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby functions!

I've got a baby asleep across my tummy pinning my right arm so that I can just barely type, and a load of diapers washing. Cody's dad bought us an amazing super-duty Whirlpool washer and dryer. I must be getting old - washers and dryers excite me. And these diapers - I can't express my love for them enough. A whopping minute to toss them into the washer, ad then I go about whatever I want to do. A minute to throw into the dryer. Munch on some chocolate-covered fruit or make faces at Charlotte. 30 second to dump them into the basket. Maybe 75 cents between detergent and energy is all a load costs. Sure beats dropping $15 on a pack of diapers every dew days, and having to spend half an hour going to the store for them. Whoops, down to 1 diaper at midnight, and the store's closed? No prob, jut throw in a load. We also use cloth wipes. If I had the money, I'd buy every mom and expectant-mom I know cloth diapers.

When the washer and dryer were being delivered, I'd just taken Charlotte's diaper off, and she peed on me. I felt this warm stream going down my left side. Well, it couldn't hurt to let her go sans diaper for a little bit, let her skin get some air (she's never even had a hint of diaper rash, and I think it's a combination of keeping her dry and letting her skin get air). So maybe half an hour later, I sit down on the (thankfully leather) couch, her head on my knees, her butt by my crotch, her legs upward on my chest. I have a clean diaper on my right hand and am just about to put it under her when she pees again. Remember how I said her butt was near my crotch? Yeah. I looked like I peed myself.

A couple hours before the delivery people got here, I was changing her diaper. I unsnapped her sleeper and put my hands behind her to pull her lets out of the legs of her sleeper. She'd...had a blow-out. So I dug my hands in poo! She grinned a huge grin.

And she's spit up on me a good deal. I say she's "blessing" me rather than spitting up. I'd so much rather have her regurgitate onto me than to not spit up because she's not here. I'll take the spit-up and poo and pee to have her. She's worth every bit of everything. She's worth every minute of headache I get when she's crying from teething, every diaper-change, every everything.

That wasn't the point of this post when I started. I guess I'll do that one later.

Pictures! This was yesterday at Cheesecake Factory at lunch with Cody and his mom:

These next two were taken on the 7th. Look at how long her eyelashes are, and how perfectly beautiful she is. You can faintly see her forehead birthmark.


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