Friday, February 12, 2010

Busy day

We woke up late, the three of us. Took Cody to work, a 50-minute drive following the speed limit. Going 5 over takes 45 minutes. Anyway, took him to work, stopped at CVS really quick to get poster board, then came home to make up a sign for a protest.

St. John's Pleasant Valley in Oxnard decided to ban midwives, claiming that it's too dangerous for midwives to attend births in hospitals without NICUs. Now this makes no sense. Midwives take lower-case pregnancies only. Doctors take the high-risk pregnancies. Those high-risk pregnancies can be handled in hospitals without NICUs. So why the hell can't lower-risk midwife births? Midwives have such a low rate of complications in deliveries, so much lower than doctors, even when considering only low-risk doctor-births.

Charlotte and I were both there. To think, I was worried about her being too cold. Instead it was so warm I had to strip her down to her diaper for a little while. (Good thing about driving a convertible is that high-SPF sunblock is a standard item in it for me, so I had 85SPF sunblock for us.) I was interviewed by a news station and a newspaper. I cant remember which. I'm still so unfamiliar with what's around here, what with only having cable tv again for a few days, and getting most of my news online.

So the protest took up most of our day. Then we did some shopping while waiting to pick up Cody. Made no sense to drive half an hour back to Santa Barbara only to turn around and drive an hour in traffic back to Thousand Oaks within 10 minutes of getting home.

Cody's dad bought us a new washer and dryer since this house doesn't have them. They'll be delivered tomorrow, and first thing is to wash diapers. We've got eight clean ones left. Then I'll get to wash a bunch of fabric for sewing! This excites me. Then on Sunday we're going to finish getting my sewing room put together, minus the painting, which will happen later in the week. I'll get to sew again! I've been aching to do so. Let's see if I can churn out the five little girl dresses I'm planning to by the end of the month, a burgundy one, two white ones, a blue one with silver-lines leaves, and another that hasn't yet been decided. And then I'll start the Phantom of the Opera wedding gown for the girl in Israel, the top of the Don Juan gown (from the film) with the skirt of the Think of Me gown (from the film), but not beaded. I may potentially have a fourth wedding gown lines up, but for September 2011.

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