Saturday, February 6, 2010


Our tax refund is delayed. Since they're claiming to not have received 2007's return, which had $87 owing, they've delayed our refund for last year. We had to refile for 2007, and since that's a paper return (e-filing is only allowed through October of the filing year), it's expected to take up to eight weeks. After that, our 2009 return will be processed and will take up to four more weeks. This means that the Ford Escape we were lined up to buy, price negotiated and everything, we have to pass on. I'm beyond pissed.

We got most of our stuff moved to the house last night with the last dregs remaining today. Cody and his buddy Mike (Uncle Mike to Charlotte) and his mom are out there right now doing that. I'm in our bedroom nursing and typing one-handed. We'll be picking up our new bed on the way over.

I am sad to leave this apartment for the simple reason that Charlotte was born here, feet from where I'm sitting now. I want to rip up that piece of carpet, but can't.

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